Proposal for Action: Partners design and development manual

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Strategic goal

Improve processes for efficient OERu operations that underpin academic quality at scale

Strategic objective

Objective 2: Develop, implement and maintain resources to support partners for effective engagement in the OERu network

  • Focus: Partners design and development manual

Strategic approach

  1. Open and authentic "work-based-learning" approach to gaining experience and developing capability in the OERu network.

Key performance indicator(s) for 2015

(Provide recommendation for recalibrated target if necessary)

  • Review, refine and publish OERu partners and course development manual (incorporating critical friend review from a number of new OERu partners)
  • Complete digital skills for collaborative OER development and run pilot offering during 2015.

Notes Link to manual

  • Establish working group / task force for new OERu partners and new staff joining collaborative OERu activities.

2015 outputs

  • Accelerating the rate for skills and knowledge acquisition for OERu partner staff to contribute meaningfully to the OERu global collaboration.
  • Implement process to review, refine and publish OERu partners and course development manual
  • Plan processes for engaging new OERu partners and new staff joining collaborative OERu activities.

Clarifying notes, additional considerations and discussion points

  • Concern that people clicking on some of the "What is the OERu?" links might get "lost in the wiki", or decontextualised.
    • What parts of the manual should live on Perhaps some parts of the site could be populated using a "snapshot" approach?
    • General principle: "edit and reduce" shoot for 60-80% reduction in text. Point to examples - "show, don't tell"
    • OERu/About - too heavy on process for general public
    • OERu/Quicklinks - more useful
    • General sense that too much of the orientation docs is too focused on needs of the partners, not with an eye to the public.
    • Can the intro to OERu be shaped by a unit with marketing focus? Recognition we have to direct one set of messages to students, another to potential partners and administrators. If messaging moves to site, this will need to organized mindfully. For example with "three door pathway" (one for learners; one for educators; one for prospective partners)
    • Short videos by partners
  • Look at the materials on manual apply a matrix -- what audience is that section or link is supposed to be served?
  • The "Design and Development of an OERu Course" section, for example is addressed to already committed developers
  • A potential model for the attractive display of a textual element, developed by USQ -

Summary description

Move the public-facing communication to the site, with an overarching goal of communication with a broad audience, not the internal OERu community. Consider a "three door pathway" navigation for entry to site (one for learners; one for educators; one for prospective partners).



Activity schedule

# Activity Summary description Responsibility Target date / Duration
1 Determine audience for different types of content Apply a matrix to each content section, which audience is intended: learners, educators, or potential partners? TBD TBD
2 Revise content as needed For content intended for learners, and potential partners, redraft accordingly. Bring to bear a marketing sensibility. TBD - if a partner can make their marketing team available? TBD

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