Proposal for Action: PLAR portfolio course project

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Strategic goal

Foster innovation through pilot projects which demonstrate the viability and strategic opportunities for the OERu network

Strategic objective

Objective 1: Identify, design and implement OERu pilot projects to inform future improvements and innovations in the OERu model

  • Focus: Progress implementation of the PLAR portfolio course project

Strategic approach

  1. The OERu subscribes to a design-based research approach where pilots are conceptualised and implemented iteratively in authentic settings.
  2. Project steps are informed by a series of Probe (making a change), Sense (review), Respond (act) cycles so that each iteration is small enough to fail but when aggregated help to inform overall decision-making.

Key performance indicator(s) for 2015

(Provide recommendation for recalibrated target if necessary)

Progress the implementation of 2 pilot projects

2015 outputs

  • Progress the collaborative design and development of a credit bearing OERu course on how to develop a Recognition of Prior Learning Portfolio
  • Identify OERu partners who will participate in the project
  • Review and refine TESC course contributions for international audience.
  • Other?

Clarifying notes, additional considerations and discussion points

  • Athabasca PLAR focuses on competencies within a subject area, not on course-based approaches.
  • Thomas Edison State College uses a course-challenge method.
  • Do we need a common idea of what university-level Prior Learning is?
  • Reflection and metacognition are ideas not always familiar to students.
  • Could PLA/RPL be used for block credits or just course-based credits that can be articulated across institutions?
  • How would assessment work--how would costs be shouldered by institutions?

Summary description

Determine which parts of the TESC PLA courses could be integrated into the Open Curriculum Design microcourse for teachers.

Explore whether the course could be repurposed/dual-purposed to focus on reflection of adult learning or self-management of learning.

Determine whether there is a common undrstanding of how PLAR/RPL could be used within a degree program or the OERu BGS degree pathway.

WIll we consider block credits or competency-based approaches to recognizing students' prior learning/integration with new learning?


Activity schedule

# Activity Summary description Responsibility Target date / Duration
Example Survey 1st year BGS requirements Conduct a survey of OERu partners with a BGS to determine subject requirements for 1st year of study Curriculum & programme of study group (or individual / institution) 15 April 2015 (or ongoing)

Do you have issues which should be tabled at the OERu Council of CEOs meeting?

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