OERu 14.09 SCOPE Seminar

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Date: To be confirmed (Aiming for September 2014).
Preregister: If you would like us to send a reminder when registrations are open, please signup here.


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During this seminar we will review progress of the OERu implementation and discuss the development of the agenda for the 3rd Meeting of OERu anchor partners.

A SCoPE history of making OERu futures happen
The OER Foundation subscribes to open philanthropy and since the inception of the OERu concept in 2011 we have hosted pre-meeting SCoPE seminars to inform our open OERu meetings. In February 2011, Paul Stacey at BCcampus facilitated the first OERu SCoPE online seminar which generated inputsPDF down.png for the OER for Assessment and Credit for Students Meeting leading to the establishment of the OERu concept. In August of the same year, a second SCoPE seminar was convened to discuss recommendations for the inaugural OERu credential to generate inputsPDF down.png for the OERu 2011.11 Meeting of Founding Anchor Partners. In September 2013, Irwin DeVries, David Porter, Brian Lamb and Wayne Mackintosh facilitated OERu: Developing an Agenda Together in preparation for the 2013 partner meeting (see summaryPDF down.png.