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Key points
  • This page serves as a record of the planning discussions in drafting the agenda for the Australian partner meeting
  • The page and edit history was sourced from the homepage.



We need volunteers to help with different tasks. Please add your names below.

Facilitators for sessions

If you see a gap for facilitator in the agenda, please volunteer and add your name :-)


Two or three folk to compile the open meeting report

  • Add your name here.

Brainstorm list for building the agenda (Submit ideas by close of business Friday 14 March 2014)

Strategy and planning

  • Brief overview of the OERu planing approach and process (including logic model, working groups, OERu planning committee, and demo of how this works in the wiki.) --Mackiwg 02:21, 12 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Suggestions for recruiting additional Australian OERu partners --Mackiwg 03:27, 12 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Organisational resistance to promoting OERu subjects to our enrolled students, learning from the AST1000 experience - Sarah Lambert
  • Start conversations regarding the planning of the 3rd OERu partner meetings -- Carina Bossu
  • Consider establishing a model of credit transfer/course articulation between Australian partners which might later be used to extrapolate to all OERu partners - David Bull

Operational issues (Design and delivery)

  • Sustainability issues re how long we need to maintain the course and how often it is offered (even if the original subject designer leaves) - Sandra Wills
  • Design issues re whether it be a micro course, a module, or full subject; design issues such as how much is content vs how much is moderation - Sandra Wills
  • Delivery issues such as how often per year is an OERuni subject run - is it "run" or at a minimum does content just sit there and participants choose when they'd like to contact a university for assessment? -- Sandra Wills
  • Demonstration of the anatomy of the OERu course structure (i.e. Summary page on the OERu website (marketing), Course guide and Course Dashboard (including Sessions, Learning pathways and aggregated course feed.) --Mackiwg 02:25, 12 March 2014 (UTC)
  • Pedagogical design elements for OERu courses and unique requirements of open design and development (for example designing for Peer-to-peer learning support, learning activities / e-tivities, assessment models.) --Mackiwg 02:27, 12 March 2014 (UTC)

Technology issues

  • Technical issues about how we transfer an existing distance education course to the Wiki University platform and other alternative platforms - Sandra Wills
  • Outcomes of UOW MOOC pilot "Reluctant Mathematician", opportunities to build into OERu Maths Foundation subject, promising alternative technology platform (Wordpress) - Sarah Lambert
  • Other CSU sites: BB Coursites and Progress in the Wordpress multisite implementation of the MEd(Knowledge Networks & Digital Innovation) that can also easily clone a subject or part of a subject for OERu - Judy O'Connell

Curriculum issues

  • Degree issues such as how all our offerings fit together as a degree pathway -- Sandra Wills
  • How quickly can we do it because my sense is that OERuni needs to be listing a lot more offerings on its pages if it is to look like a viable organisation. - Sandra Wills

Pedagogical issues

  • A focus on pedagogical design, differentiating epistemic design, social design and associated digital literacy considerations could be useful -- Jim Taylor
  • Useful starting point for course designers interested in considering learning literacies for a digital age: [1] -- Jim Taylor

Logistics and planning


  1. Meeting room booked
  2. Video conference room booked from 9.30am - 11.30am (place-holder until plans progress - Wayne to give general presentation about OERu open to all CSU staff and possibly other partner locations)
    • I recommend a 20 minute presentation with 10 minutes Q&A for the overview of the OERu followed by a 1 hour Q&A discussion with meeting participants interacting with colleagues at remote sites --Mackiwg 02:00, 12 March 2014 (UTC)
    • The questions generated from the Q&A session could then help frame our work for the rest of the day once we close the videoconference - Suggested by Sandra Wills
    • Jim Tittsler (based in Japan) available on G+ Hangout or Skype for technical discussion. Sarah Lambert found it invaluable talking with Jim when we were all in Canada. (Suggested by Sandra)

To do list

  1. Do we need to prepare a letter of invitation on a letterhead for anyone who may need this documentation for travel and accommodation approvals? --Mackiwg 03:08, 12 March 2014 (UTC)
  2. Create wiki page to advertise the video conference. Confirm link and how partner institutions can join the conference. (Is there a maximum number of participants for the online video conference?.) --Mackiwg 03:22, 12 March 2014 (UTC)

Tentative course nomination ideas

  • Cross-cultural framework and introduction to Australian indigenous issues, using Cassie’s Story as main resource (some concerns about need for strong moderation as experience shows that racist flames can occur on forums, especially open forums, because these issues are every challenging to non-indigenous people) Librarianship, known at CSU as Information Science (Concepts and Practices in a Digital World) – but issues about access to database materials needed to teach this subject -- Sandra Wills
  • A subject from the Graduate Cert in T&L in HE -- Sandra Wills
  • World Religions from our Theological School -- Sandra Wills
  • International Development and Aid from Arts Faculty
  • CSU also have a non-university level topic which is being developed with Australian Government funding for all universities to use in raising aspirations for university education – it’s called “What is Uni Like?” – the issue is whether it would be international enough – not enough development done on it yet for us to have the answer to the question but it might be a useful addition to the support materials in the same way as Sarah’s The Reluctant Mathematician -- Sandra Wills