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Need to figure out solution for multiple quals and assessing partners in the future. Currently not implemented.

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In this section, we provide details on the assessment and credentialing options for this micro-course.

Overview of options for certification

Stackable micro-credentials

Stackable micro-credentials validate your skills and 'show what you know'. Each micro-credential assessment is small enough to be manageable for busy people, but big enough to be meaningful to employers. They also offer pathways to achieve academic credit towards selected qualifications.

Qualification options for formal credit

Each approved qualification has different assessment requirements determined by the conferring institution. If you successfully complete the prescribed assessments, you will be eligible for academic credit towards the recognised Certificate qualification at the first year, undergraduate degree level. These certificates provide pathways to transfer into a Bachelor’s degree at the respective institutions.

Click on the qualification you are aiming for, for details on the steps for achieving academic credit.

Qualification Conferring institution
Certificate of Higher Education Business (OERu) The University of the Highlands and Islands
United Kingdom
Undergraduate Certificate in First Year Foundations Thomas Edison State University
United States