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Required parameters

  • microcourse: Name of micro-course, eg "Digital literacies for online learning"
  • fullcourse: Name of associated full course, eg. "Learning in a digital age"
  • fullcourselandingpageurl: URL for full course landing page at TESU.
  • code: Course code for associated micro-course, eg LiDA101
  • microcoursetable: transclude table of associated micro-courses for this qualification
  • tecepurl: URL link to TESU tecep test
  • qualifications: Use html unordered list for hyplerlinks to qualification pages in the assessment learning pathway.

Syntax for transclusion
{{:OERu/About stackable micro-credentials|microcourse=|fullcourse=|fullcourselandingpageurl=|code=|microcoursetable=|qualifications=|}}

Micro-credentials enable you to submit evidence of your skills acquired on this micro-course, and for these skills to be assessed and recognised.

The OERu exists to help learners like you reach their goals in professional development and/or higher education.

So, as well as offering free online courses, we also work with an international network of higher education institutions to provide opportunities for formal assessment to gain micro-credentials:

  • for professional development purposes, and
  • providing pathways to qualify for academic credit that can contribute towards an undergraduate degree.

This process of using small qualifications to build up to larger ones is often called ‘stackable micro-credentials’. It allows for a flexible approach to learning which fits in with your aims, time and resources.

Micro-credentials also provide opportunities for learners trialing higher education for the first-time. Learners do not need to pay tuition fees for a full course, and only pay the assessment fee for the micro-credential thus providing an affordable way for these learners to see if university study is suitable for them.

Three steps to achieve your qualification

Here is how you could work towards your own undergraduate qualification using {{{microcourse}}} ({{{code}}}) as your first stackable micro-credential:

Step 1

Earn one ‘EduBit’ micro-credential from Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand, for {{{microcourse}}} ({{{code}}}).

Step 2

Earn the additional EduBits by completing the assessments for the remaining micro-courses associated with the [{{{fullcourselandingpageurl}}} {{{fullcourse}}}] course for the following qualification(s):


The following micro-courses for [{{{fullcourselandingpageurl}}} {{{fullcourse}}}] have associated 'EduBit' micro-credentials:


Step 3

  1. Use your EduBits to request a transcript from Otago Polytechnic.
  2. Use your transcript to show achievement towards your chosen qualification that is pre-approved for credit transfer at designated OERu partners.