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About our eduMOOC study group

The OERu eduMOOC study/planning group is a "workplace" learning initiative which aims to use the opportunity of the Online learning today .. and tomorrow Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to help inform the planning and implementation of the OERu.

Interested persons are free to join this study group and assist with the planning the OER university. Our aim is to explore the implementation potential of the MOOC concept for the OER university.


Study group #OERu blogs

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Active study group tasks

Week 2

Activity Target date Status Comments
Aggregate resources 10 July 2011 Active Submit links on resources which help answer our research questions
Develop critical MOOC case studies 10 July 2011 Active
  • Choose a previous MOOC for further study
  • Volunteer as convener or participant
  • Collaborate on developing a critical case study.
Develop eduMOOC survey 10 July 2011 Active Collaborate on discussion and developing the survey.