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Foundation meeting

See also drafting of the logic model for the OERu.

Participating countries

Participants from 45 countries including:

Flag of Australia.svg Australia
Flag of Bangladesh.svg Bangladesh
Flag of Belgium.svg Belgium
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil
Flag of Burundi.svg Burundi
Flag of Canada.svg Canada
Flag of Costa Rica.svg Costa Rica
Flag of China.svg China
Flag of Dubai.svg Dubai
Flag of Estonia.svg Estonia
Flag of Fiji.svg Fiji
Flag of France.svg France
Flag of Germany.svg Germany
Flag of Ghana.svg Ghana
Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana
Flag of Iceland.svg Iceland
Flag of India.svg India
Flag of Jamaica.svg Jamaica
Flag of Japan.svg Japan
Flag of Laos.svg Laos
Flag of Mexico.svg México
Flags of New Caledonia.svg New Caledonia
Flag of Malaysia.svg Malaysia
Flag of Myanmar.svg Myanmar
Flag of Pakistan.svg Pakistan
Flag of Peru.svg Peru
Flag of Philippines.svg Philippines
Flag of Portugal.svg Portugal
Flag of Qatar.svg Qatar
Flag of Romania.svg Romania
Flag of Rwanda.svg Rwanda
Flag of Samoa.svg Samoa
Flag of Serbia.svg Serbia
Flag of South Africa.svg South Africa
Flag of Spain.svg Spain
Flag of Swaziland.svg Swaziland
Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden
Flag of Tanzania.svg Tanzania
Flag of Thailand.svg Thailand
Flag of Tunisia.svg Tunisia
Flag of the Netherlands.svg The Netherlands
Flag of Trinidad and Tobago.svg Trinidad and Tobago
Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda
Flag of United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom
Flag of USA.svg United States of America

Confirmed attendees

The OER Foundation subscribes to Open Philanthropy and therefore this is an open invitation to senior leaders of all formal education institutions.

We will stream the meeting proceedings as physical venue constraints restrict participation.

Note: Face-to-face registrations are now closed -- the venue has reached capacity.

(Note: All attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs. We would love to sponsor attendance, but do not have the funding available for this purpose. The OER Foundation would gladly provide a letter of endorsement should you wish to apply for funding support from donor agencies. We are serious about the mainstream adoption of OER in formal post-secondary institutions. This is not a "talk shop" but a strategic planning meeting to cross the chasm from OER advocates to organisational implementation using collaborative approaches.)

  1. Associate Professor Mark Brown, Director, Teaching, Learning & Distance Education, Massey University (New Zealand). Apology - flights cancelled
  2. Dr Robin Day, Deputy Chief Executive, Otago Polytechnic and Chair of the OER Foundation Board of Directors (New Zealand)
  3. Phil Ker, Chief Executive, Otago Polytechnic (New Zealand)
  4. Dr Wayne Mackintosh, Director, OER Foundation (International)
  5. Professor Jim Taylor AM, University of Southern Queensland (Australia)
  6. Siaosi Sovaleni, Pacific ICT Outreach Programme, Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Suva (Fiji)
  7. Jim Tittsler, OER Foundation (International) blog
  8. Justin Sampson, Knowledge Manager, AKO Aotearoa (New Zealand).
  9. Rachel Simpson, Tertiary Education Commission, New Zealand
  10. Letuimanu'asina, Dr Emma Kruse Va'ai, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, National University of Samoa, Samoa
  11. Pat Ward, Open Polytechnic, New Zealand email
  12. Annabel Schuler, Education Support Services Manager, Tai Poutini Polytechnic, New Zealand email
  13. Darren Harkness, Athabasca University, email
  14. Associate Professor Richard K. Coll, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Teaching & Learning. University of Waikato, New Zealand email - Apology flights cancelled
  15. Rachel Garden, Teaching & Learning Services Manager, Aoraki Polytechnic, New Zealand. email.
  16. Liz Eley, Curriculum Manager, Te Kura (The Correspondence School), New Zealand. email
  17. Jenny McDonald, Academic Director, Educational Media, University of Otago, New Zealand email
  18. Dr Herbert Thomas, Electronic Learning Media Team Leader, Digital Media Group, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. email - Apology - Christchurch
  19. Richard Schwier, Professor, Educational Technology and Design, University of Saskatchewan, Canada email
  20. Peter Guiney, Advisor e-learning, observer from New Zealand Ministry of Education, New Zealand.
  21. Vasi Doncheva, Flexible Learning Manager, Northtec, New Zealand. email - Apology flights cancelled
  22. Lynda Mathey, Director Educational Services NorthTec, New Zealand. email - Apology flights cancelled
  23. Prof Niki Davis, Professor of e-Learning, University of Canterbury and President of DEANZ, New Zealand. email - Apology - Christchurch

Virtual participants

Icon key points.gif
Registration instructions
UNESCO sponsors a live web stream of this meeting. We welcome remote participation and your help in planning sustainable OER futures.
  • Please add add your name and email address to the list below.
  • If you have a blog, please register its URL so that we can aggregate any posts with the #OERU tag.
  • Create an account, click on the edit link above and save your page.
  • Alternatively email your particulars and we will add your name to the list below.
  • We will add your name to the OER university email list to keep you up to date with planning for the meeting.
  • We suggest that remote institutions consider convening remote site groups to view the stream and participate in the breakout planning sessions for the meeting. All contributions will be collated and considered in the drafting of the plans for the OER university.

These people registered for remote participation in the event:

  1. Tom Caswell, Open Education Program Manager, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.
  2. Dr. Cable Green, Director of eLearning & Open Education for the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.
  3. Dick Heller, Coordinator, Peoples-uni. email
  4. Dr. Michèle Drechsler, Inspectrice Education Nationale, french Education Ministery, phD
  5. David Porter, Executive Director, BCcampus, British Columbia, Canada
  6. Paul Stacey, Director, BCcampus, Canada
  7. Randy Fisher, Director, iCentro, Ottawa, Canada
  8. Sebastian Panakal, Principal, eSchool Kerala, Kerala, India
  9. Anil Prasad, WikiEducator Community Council Member, Kerala, India
  10. Geoff Cain, Director, Distance Education, College of the Redwoods, Eureka, CA (USA)
  11. Dr. Konrad Glogowski, Director of Programs, Teachers Without Borders
  12. Dr. Vive Kumar, Associate Professor, Athabasca University, Canada
  13. Dr. Christine Geith, Executive Director, MSUglobal, Michigan, USA
  14. Dr. Robert Schuwer, Associate Professor, Project Leader OER, Open Universiteit, the Netherlands. email
  15. Simon Fenton- Jones, media producer/teacher, various countries.
  16. Carina Bossu, Research Fellow, DEHub, University of New England, Australia.
  17. Ben Kehrwald, University of South Australia
  18. Dr. Jyoti Bawane, Lecturer, Indian Institute of Education, Pune, Maharashtra,
  19. Patricia Schlicht, WikiEducator Learning4Content (L4C) Online Facilitator and Coordinator, WikiEducator Community Member, Vancouver, Canada
  20. Vincent Kizza, ILEP Fellow, ILEP, WikiEducator Community Council Member, Kampala, Uganda
  21. Barbara Truman, Director Course Design & Development, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida (USA) email
  22. Tom Abeles, editor On the Horizon. email
  23. Helena Mill, AUT email
  24. Dr. Joyce McKnight, Academic Area Coordinator/Assistant Professor, Center for Distance Learning, State University of New York/Empire State College, USA email
  25. Sylvia Currie, Client Services Manager, Online Communities BCcampus, Canada
  26. Guntuku Dileepkumar, Global Extension Program Specialist,Iowa State University email
  27. Steve Foerster, Community Council member, WikiEducator
  28. Dr. Glen Farrell, Pres., Glen Farrell and Associates, Educational Change & Learning Technology Consultants email
  29. Liza Loop, Executive Director, Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER)
  30. Una Daly, Associate Director, College Open Textbooks, email
  31. Paul Hector, ACI, UNESCO Office for Pacific States, Apia, Samoa UNESCO Apia, email
  32. Abel Caine, OER Programme Specialist, Communication and Information (CI) Sector, UNESCO, Paris, France UNESCO OER Programme, email
  33. Alan Hayes, President, Western Shores Institute, Dunkirk, Maryland, United States. email
  34. Dr. Andreas Link, Online & Informal Learning Professional, Germany, elearning4. email
  35. Ken Udas, CEO, UMassOnline, UMassOnline / Observatory, email
  36. Jibril Touzi, Training and Content Officer - French Speaking Universities Agency, Manager - Great Lakes Development & Business Consulting, email
  37. Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Founder of Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL), Instructional Course Designer, Online Facilitator & Community Builder at Integrating Technology , Researcher & Writer, Canadian, email
  38. Stephen Downes, National Research Council Canada, website, email
  39. Daniel Mietchen, Eduzendium, subscribed to WikiEducator list
  40. Ed Gonsalves, Director,, email
  41. Nancy George, CEO, NancyGeorge&Associates, email
  42. Hollis Sankar, Curriculum Coordinator,Ministry of Education-Trinidad and Tobago,West Indies , email
  43. Tero Toivanen, Special Education Teacher, Kilonpuisto School, Espoo, Finland, email
  44. Alison Snieckus, independent educator, WikiEducator member, email
  45. Ramesh Sharma, Institute of Distance and Continuing Education, University of Guyana, email
  46. Vinod Kumar Kanvaria, Assistant Professor, Department of Education, University of Delhi,Delhi, India, email
  47. Savithri Singh, Principal, Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi, India, email
  48. Dr. Gene Aronin, Director, Center for Mental Health and Technology, and Roosevelt University. email
  49. Sarah Stewart, Educational Developer, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand email
  50. Lystra Sampson-Ovid, National Open School of Trinidad and Tobago (NOSTT), email
  51. Shijna  Online Tutor,India, email  
  52. David Wiley, Associate Professor, Instructional Psychology and Technology; and Associate Director, Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling; Brigham Young University. email
  53. Phillip Long, Professor, ITEE & Psychology, & Director, Centre for Educational Innovation & Technology; University of Queensland, Phillip Long, CEIT
  54. Ronald Omutujju, Secondary School teacher Mathematics and Physics, Uganda,
  55. Barbara Dieu, independent educator, member Brazilian OER community, São Paulo, Brazil email
  56. Helen Carter, Strategic Academic Manager: Revitalising Learning, University of New England, Australia email: email
  57. Adam Blake, Learning Designer, University of Auckland email
  58. Grace Muwanga, Mbarara University, Uganda email
  59. Alex P. Real, freelance educational consultant & researcher email
  60. Jennifer Shoop, Content Development Manager, The Saylor Foundation email
  61. Alana Harrington, Managing Director, The Free Education Initiative, The Saylor Foundation, email
  62. Denis Pronin, Web Content Manager, The Saylor Foundation, email.
  63. Nadia El Borai, independent educator, living in Japan. email
  64. Rwagasana Gerard, independent researcher, international consultant, living in Kigali, Rwanda. email
  65. Chahira Nouira, e-Learning Assistant at the United Nations University ViE, Bonn, Germany email
  66. Dennis Taylor, Professor of Biology, Hiram College, and Co-Director, The Igniting Streams of Learning in Science Program email
  67. Deborah Cordier, PhD Researcher/Consultant, Second Language Acquisition, Instructional Technology, Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, FL Online teaching/ materials development (K-14): email
  68. Bernard Nkuyubwatsi, Kigali Health Institute, EFL Instructor, Currently living in Michigan, USA. email
  69. Lindy Klein, Online Development Support Officer, University of New England, Australia email
  70. Eugene Rubin, Former Chair, Master of Distance Education, University of Maryland University College. Currently in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada email
  71. Salvör Kristjana Gissurardóttir, Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of Iceland, living in RTENOTITLE, Iceland. email
  72. Elizabeth Greener, Senior Project and Learning Design Manager, Technology, Information and Learning Support, Queensland University of Technology, email
  73. Valerie Taylor, member WikiEducator:Community Council email
  74. Craig A. Perue, Senior Consultant, Center of Excellence, Mona School of Business, The University of the West Indies, Mona
  75. Dr Michael Verhaart, Principal Lecturer, EIT Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. email blog
  76. leolaoshi, student counsellor, Global edutech management (GEM), China. email blog
  77. Wendy Meyers, Learning Designer, University of Wollongong, Australia. email blog
  78. Gregor Ronald, Educational Technology Consultant, Digital Media Group, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. email
  79. Dr. Gita Mathur, Associate Professor of Botany, Gargi College, University of Delhi, India. WikiEducator Learning4Content (L4C) Online Facilitator. email
  80. Nokuthula Vilakati, Coordinator Instructional Design, Institute of Distance Education University of Swaziland, Swaziland. email blog
  81. Nagarjuna, Faculty, lab, Homi Bhabha Centre for Science education, TIFR, India. email blog
  82. David Kernohan, UKOER Programme Manager, JISC, UK. email blog
  83. Simon M.Yalams, Associate Professor of TVET, University of Technology, Jamaica, Jamaica. email
  84. Lorraine Baptiste, Student, University of Guyana, Guyana. email
  85. Tel Amiel, Researcher, University of Campinas, Brazil.
  86. Dr. Ravishankar Gundlapalli, CEO, Parjanya Inc., USA. email blog
  87. Maria Droujkova Founder, Math 2.0 Interest Group, online. email blog
  88. Amee Evans Godwin, Director, Strategic Initiatives, ISKME, OER Commons, US. email
  89. Andreas Wittel, Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, UK. email
  90. Sean Linton, Ph D Candidate, Otago University, New Zealand. email
  91. Atul Pati Tripathi, Senior Researcher, University Grants Commission, India. email
  92. Edward Mokurai Cherlin, Founder, Earth Treasury; Localization Administrator, OLPC, Sugar Labs, FLOSS Manuals. e-mail
  93. Alan Arnold, Teaching & Learning Centre, University of Canberra, Australia. email
  94. John Roberts, Founder/President, Heal the World, Inc., USA. email [@healtheworldinc blog]
  95. M.U.Paily, Associate Professor, NCERT, INDIA. email
  96. Pheo Martin, Directo, Realizing Education's email blog
  97. Prof.N.BALASUBRAMANIAN, Prof. and Head., Dept. of Education, School of Distance Education, BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY, INDIA. email
  98. Keith Hamon, Coordinator of QEP, Albany State University, United States. email blog
  99. John de Senna, Head of School - Business and Management, ATC New Zealand (t/a Vision College), New Zealand. email
  100. Terry Neal, Flexible Learning Manager (External Services), Open Polytechnic, New Zealand. email
  101. Teresa Eca, President, APECV, Portugal. email blog
  102. Kathleen Zarubin, Owner, Lifetimes & Milestones (Australian Assessment Only RTO), Australia. email
  103. nasrullah, IT professional (e-learning), Allama Iqbal OPen University, pakistan. email
  104. Alejandra Guajardo, Coordinator, CILTA/SIL, Peru. blog
  105. Niki Davis, Professor of e-Learning, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. email blog
  106. Ch. Rizwan Roshan, Junior Programmer, AIOU, Pakistan. email
  107. Anna Gruszczynska, OER project researcher, C-SAP (Subject Centre for Sociology, anthropology and Politics), UK. email blog
  108. Lilian Starobinas, Teacher / OER researcher, REA BR, Brazil. email blog
  109. Doug Belshaw, Researcher/Analyst, JISC infoNet, UK email blog
  110. dave cormier, manager, web communications and innovations, University of Prince Edward Island, canada. email blog
  111. Helen Beetham, Consultant, JISC UK, UK. email blog
  112. Lou McGill, Consultant, JISC, UK. email blog
  113. Dennis Doe, email
  114. Jane Park, Education Coordinator, Creative Commons, United States. email blog
  115. Tariq Hayat, English Teacher, Cadet College Petaro, Pakistan. email blog
  116. Erin Knight, Assessment and Badge Lead, Mozilla Foundation, Peer 2 Peer University, United States. email blog
  117. Verónica Vázquez Zentella, México. email blog
  118. Maryanne LeGrow, Assessment Coordinator, Charter Oak State College, USA. email
  119. MAHDI DOUALEH BOBEH, AssociationAPCLF, DJIBOUTI. email blog
  120. Steve Martin, HE Careers Adviser, Connect South West, England. email blog
  121. Nadia P. Mireles Torres, EdD Student, OER researcher, University of Calgary, Mexico. email blog
  122. Nancy Randall, Honorary Research Associate, Vancouver Island University, Canada. email
  123. Paul West, South Africa. email
  124. Juletta Broomfield, President, Accelerated Leadership Services, Costa Rica. email
  125. Daniel Dominguez, Lecturer & Researcher, UNED, Spain. email blog
  126. Rosana Montes, Lecturer & Researcher, University of Granada, Spain email
  127. S. S. Shongwe, University of Swaziland, Swaziland. email
  128. John Graves, Wiki-to-Speech Project, AUT University. New Zealand. email
  129. Rebecca Attwood, Deputy News Editor, Times Higher Education, UK. email.
  130. Joseph Thibault, Course Director, StraighterLine, USA. email
  131. Dr. Cornelia K. Muganda, Faculty of Education, The Open University of Tanzania, Tanzania. email
  132. Ilene Frank, Director of Library Services, University of the People, United States. email
  133. Susan D'Antoni, Advisor to the President, International OER Initiatives, Athabasca University, Canada. email
  134. Vasudha Kamat, Joint Director, Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT, India. email
  135. Vladimir Burgos, Liaison Officer of Innovation and Educational Technology; Project manager of the OCW-ITESM (México) and other OER initiatives, Tecnologico de Monterrey (Virtual University), México. email blog
  136. Mohsen HASSANI, General secretary of the Association of Records and Archives Managaers (AGAT), AGAT, Tunisia. email
  137. colette alonso, vice presidente, cal cine, new caledonia. email
  138. Nithin Lakshmana, Student, Tallinn University, Estonia. email
  139. Dr Susan Myburgh, Senior Lecturer, Visiting Professor, Universities of South Australia and Parma, Australia. email blog
  140. Hans Põldoja, Research Associate, Tallinn University, Estonia. email blog
  141. j Tim Denny, PhD, ICT-education consultant, Strengthening Higher Education Project, Laos. email
  142. Sabu K C Ph.D. Area Manager, Educationist and Social Scientist from India, Gulf Times, Doha, Qatar. email
  143. Jacky Hood, Director, College Open Textbooks email
  144. Shawn Moustafa, Associate Provost, University of the People, USA. email blog
  145. Louise Lazar, Senior Analyst, HRSDC-RHDCC, Canada. email
  146. Balaji, Director for Tech and KM, COL, Canada. email
  147. Sue Gallaway, Dean, Library and eLearning, Centralia College, USA. email blog
  148. Tarja Hannila, Teacher, MKFC, Sweden. email
  149. Kathryn Skelton, Strategic Analyst, Open University, United Kingdom. email
  150. Dr Kevin Ashford-Rowe, Director, Information Services (Learning and Teaching), Griffith University (Australia)
  151. Mark Nichols, Executive Director, Faculty, Open Polytechnic, New Zealand. email blog
  152. Anita James, Senior Lecturer.Head Education Unit, UTech, Jamaica. email
  153. Dr. Zoraini Wati Abas, Professor, Open University Malaysia, Malaysia. email blog
  154. Inge Ignatia de Waard, eLearning coordinator, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium. email blog
  155. Abby Clobridge, Director, Clobridge Consulting, USA. email
  156. Nisha Singh, Programme Officer, DEP-SSA, IGNOU, India. email
  157. Dr Leona Ungerer, Department of Industrial and Organisational Psychology, South Africa. email
  158. Bronwyn hegarty, Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand. email
  159. Cindy Underhill, Learning Resource Design Strategist, University of British Columbia, Canada. email blog
  160. John Clayton, Emerging Technologies Centre, New Zealand. email
  161. Tim De Rivera, President, iCollege of the Philippines, Philippines. email
  162. Dr Mangala Sunder Krishnan, Professor, Department of Chemistry, NPTEL, India. email
  163. Sandhya Gunness, Lecturer, University Of Mauritius, Mauritius. email
  164. Karim Nurani, VP, AcrossWorld Education, USA. email
  165. MOUSTAPHA DIACK, Professor, Southern University in Louisiana, USA. email
  166. Nader Nawal, eLearning Coordinator, St. Vrain Valley School District, USA. email
  167. Jeff Mao, Learning Technology Policy Director, Department of Education, State of Maine, USA. email
  168. Melissa Hagemann, Open Society Foundations. email
  169. Trevor Billany, Education Developer, Charles Darwin University, Australia. email
  170. Prof Wong Tat Meng, Vice Chancellery, Wawasan Open University, Malaysia. email
  171. David Bull, Director, Open Access College, University of Southern Queensland, Australia. email
  172. Cornelia Helmstedt, University Duisburg-Essen, Germany. email
  173. Mary Lou, Forward, OpenCourseWare Consortium, USA. email
  174. Andreia Santos, Researcher, The Open University, United Kingdom. email blog
  175. Nicholas Kimolo, Director, Futuristic, Kenya. email
  176. Erkan YILMAZ, Germany. email blog
  177. Dave Fontaine, Internet Librarian. email
  178. Stanley Frielick, Director of Learning and Teaching, AUT University, New Zealand. email blog
  179. Derek Chirnside, Christchurch.
  180. Prof. Dr. Ir. Khin Ni Ni Thein, Founder and President, Water, Research and Training Centre, Myanmar. email
  181. Lenandlar Singh, Lecturer, University of Guyana, Guyana. email
  182. Benjamin Stewart, EFL Teacher Educator/Researcher, Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, Mexico. email blog
  183. Natasha Johnson-Richards, Project Manager, Go Digit All, UK. email
  184. Marisol Leonen, University Librarian, The British University in Dubai, Dubai. email
  185. Keith Tyler-Smith, eLearning Consultant, New Zealand. email blog
  186. Susan Tull, Flexible Learning Advisor, University of Canterbury, New Zealand. email
  187. Gillian Hatt, Australia. email
  188. John Stampe, Lecturer, Assumption University of Thailand email
  189. K Douglas, Reference Librarian, Canada. email
  190. Dr Mark McGuire, Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Sciences (Design), University of Otago, New Zealand. email blog
  191. Tanyss Munro, Director, Amarok Society, Bangladesh / Canada. email
  192. Savitha Harish, Teacher Grade xii, Education sector, India. email
  193. Alberto Capellini, CEO, arqueinnova, España. email
  194. Carmen Holotescu, Timsoft, Romania. email blog
  195. Su-Tuan Lulee, doctoral student, Athabasca University, Taiwan. email blog
  196. Alfonso Sintjago, PhD Student, University of Minnesota, United States. email
  197. Paolo Tosato, PhD Student, Interuniversity Center for Educational Research and Advanced Training, University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, Venice, Italy. email
  198. Vukasin B. Vasic, professor, High School of Economics, Serbia. email
  199. Sharon Mangroo, Director Curriculum Development, Ministry of Education, Trinidad and Tobago. email
  200. Steve Stapleton, Open Learning Support Officer, University of Nottingham, UK Open Nottingham Blog, email
  201. Pat Lockley. email
  202. Vasi Doncheva, Flexible Learning Manager, NorthTec. email blog

Pre-meeting events and seminars

The international community is invited to schedule pre-meeting events and seminars. The outputs of these events will be used as inputs for the strategic planning meeting scheduled for 23 February 2011 (New Zealand time). Please list pre-meeting events with links to pages containing the outputs of these meetings which will feed into the face-to-face planning meeting.

The first week of this seminar, leading up to an 8-hour open planning meeting of the OER Foundation to be hosted at Otago Polytechnic in New Zealand (streamed), is intended to generate discussion and input on the context, problem, concept, partners, and objectives of an OER university. The second week will provide an opportunity for summary, follow-on discussions, and recommendations.