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WikiEducator remix experiments

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The untapped potential of OER lies in the remix. The purpose of this page is to:
  • Demonstrate a proof-of-concept of simple but effective remix scenarios where WikiEducator content is reused in different delivery technologies.
  • Identify potential use case scenarios.
  • Collect feedback from educators to help develop the requirements for a user-friendly interface on WikiEducator to generate the required HTML text for embedding OER sourced from WikiEducator in different delivery technologies.

How this works

This proof of concept utilises the HTML <iframe> tag to embed OER content from WikiEducator into any website, learning management system or blog which supports the <iframe> tag. The WikiEducator server uses customised Javascript to remove the redundant Mediawiki navigation elements which are not required on the target website. (In this proof of concept, users may experience a momentary flash of the WikiEducator navigation elements before they are removed for display on the target website.


Copy and paste the following HTML syntax to embed a WikiEducator page on your target website by replacing the full url for the WikiEducator source page you want to reuse:

<iframe frameborder="1" height="300" src="http://wikieducator.org/Learning4Content/Workshops/eL4C41/Day_1" width="100%"><p> Your browser does not support iframes.</p> </iframe>
Screenshot of WikiEducator content embedded on a Moodle page. In Moodle, choose "add a resource" and select the page option and copy the iframe syntax in the Moodle editor in HTML mode.
  • See actual example in Moodle (Create account and log in as a guest to view the example)
Blog reuse example
Example embedding WikiEducator content in a blog post.

Example demonstrating WikiEducator content embedded in the KnowledgeNET LMS.

Ultranet is a Ministry of Education approved LMS vendor.

Example of WikiEducator Content embedded in the Ultranet learning management system
Example of WikiEducator Content embedded in WebCT
Example of WikiEducator content embedded in Blackboard