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Welcome to OER4Ed Workshop:

This workshop will help you learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) by exploring the information, web links, media resources and activities, so you can find and use OER that make the most sense for you in your personal or institutional context.

OER4Ed Workshop mind map

About this Workshop:

This workshop will provide participants with a brief overview of Open Educational Resources (OER) and the advantages of using them. It is best suited for educators engaged in teaching and learning but will be also beneficial to staff developers and curriculum managers.

Workshop participants will engage in activities that will introduce them to exemplary collections of OER, help them find OER and learn how to integrate them into their own teaching context and practice.  

The workshop will also present opportunities to discuss what are the barriers to adopting OER in higher education from the point of view of teachers and learners as key stakeholders as well as identify and highlight some enablers to help overcome the barriers or perceived barriers and link these to the benefits and value of OER.

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The objectives of this workshop are for participants to:
  • understand what are OER and the benefits of adopting them in education
  • learn how to effectively search and find them
  • explore different ways of using OER in teaching and learning
  • find out what are the steps to successful OER integration
  • identify the barriers and enablers to adopting OER in education

Your contributions are welcome!

Please share your ideas, knowledge and experience about using OER in teaching and learning by contributing to the discussion and resources page of this workshop. Your ideas and contributions are extremely valuable to make this resource relevant and useful to the WE and wider educators community. Ideally everyone contributing to the development and updating of this resource will do so in respectful and appropriate manner following the "Wikiquette". If you are new to wikis and WE visit Wikieducator tutorial to find more about wikis and get you started so you can share your knowledge and ideas.

You are welcome to add your name to the list of Contributors.