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The national flag of Niue.
map of Niue


Niue is located to the west of the International date line. It is about 3 hours flight from Auckland Airport.Niue is situated approximately 480km east of Tonga, 550km south-east of Samoa and 900km west of Rarotonga. The island is isolated and does not form part of any recognised group.

Niue has an area just over 259 It is aproximately 21km long and 18km wide and the main road which roughly follows the coastline is approximately 64km in length.

The island is am elevated coral outcrop with coral reef fringing a preciptious and broken coastline.

Education System

Niue is an independent country with free association with New Zealand. Niueans are citizens of New Zealand and they enjoy the priviledges of New Zealanders who live in New Zealand. The decision to utilizing the New Zealand Curriculum in the Niue Schools was influenced by this factor. Niue follows the New Zealand curriculum from ECE to Year 13.


There are only two schools in Niue. One of which is a ECE/Primary School and the other a Secondary school. There are slightly over 200 students in each school and both schools are supported by their own administration staff. Each school is headed by a Principal and both Principals work under the leadership of the Director of Education.

ECE&Primary School

Secondary Education

The only Secondary school of Niue is staffed by 26 teaching staff and 6 supporting staff. Students begin at Niue High School at the Year 7 level at about 11 years old to about 18 years or Year 13.

Tertiary Education

The University of the South Pacific has a Niue Campus that caters for distant learning, community education or adult students. There is also privately operating representation of St Clements University. Most of the students have to go to New Zealand or other regional institutions for further education, be it vocational or academic qualifications.

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The Objectives for Niue are:



  • Reporting on the FLOSS4Educ and discussions on the benefits and limitations for Niue.
  • Conferencing and decision on utilizing WikiEducator
  • Training the trainers-Introduction,awareness and familiarisation with WikiEducator
  • Conducting further workshops on WikiEducator
  • Accessing information on Wiki Educator and Wikipedia
  • Setting up a in-country Wiki support group- they can work together and support each other if they are interested in getting on without waiting for decisions to be made.



  • Looking at strategic ways of using WikiEducator for classroom support.
  • Identifying free resources that can be accessed through Wiki


Wiki Ambassadors:

  • Identifying people that are interested in being involved in WikiEducator and those who want to be further involved as ambassador
  • Roles and expectations from Wiki Ambassadors
  • Wiki Users and contributors.