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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Aristotle
The red team and the blue team.

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New Zealand's OER commons comprises a family of many individual contributors. Collectively each role within the OERNZ community contributes to a powerful synergy of self-organising teams. OERNZ is a project designed by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand teachers, and we take pride in sharing our Kiwi ingenuity and No.8 Wire culture.

This page introduces:

  • Our New Zealand planning team, and
  • The different roles in which you can support Aotearoa in establishing a thriving and successful national OERNZ community based on your personal interests, skills and experience.

WE extend an open invitation to all New Zealand teachers to help us build our national OER commons in one or more roles by adding your name to the lists below. Some teachers may want to serve in multiple roles -- that's fine :-).

Make sure that you're signed up as a Member of our OERNZ email list on google groups. This is a good way to keep up to date with what's happening with our national collaboration and a good place to ask any questions.

With support from the Ministry of Education, there is restricted funding available for New Zealand based educators for seeding the development of new OERs as well as support for a bureaux service to help you in converting lessons into wiki format. Details pertaining to the level of funding and how to apply are provided in the honorarium section of the OERNZ portal.

OERNZ planning team

New Zealand's reusable and portable content initiative is a project planned and co-designed by the sector. It is a project owned and driven by New Zealands' teachers for our teachers. The volunteer members of our planning team helping to coordinate OERNZ activities inlcude:

First name Surname Organisation Position Email
Wayne Mackintosh OER Foundation Director / Founder of WikiEducator email
Rob McCrae Diocesan School ICT Director email
Nathan Parker Warrington School Principal email
Jo Fothergill Raumati Beach School Teacher email
Jeanette Murphy PeaK-ICT Cluster Facilitator of e-Learning email
Mary Robinson St.Cuthbert's College HOF Social Sciences and HOD Geography email
Paul Seiler Ministry of Education Manager for SMS and MLE email
Mark Osborne Albany Senior High School Deputy Principal email
Jacqui Land Papanui High School Assistant Principal/HOD Science email
Jane Whyte St. Peter's School, Cambridge HOD ICT email
Craig McDonald Maranatha Christian School Teacher email
Jim Tittsler WikiEducator Community Volunteer Programmer email
Jan Foster Trident High School, Whakatane Teacher email
Nellie Deutsch University of Phoenix

WikiEducator Community Volunteer, Israel

Doctoral student/faculty email
Gladys Gahona WikiEducator Community Volunteer, Mexico Teacher email email
Carolyn Stuart Tawa Intermediate School Principal email
Richard Jones Self-employed consultant Formerly Director of eLearning, The Southport School, AU email
Nigel Frater Plateau School Principal email
Patricia Schlicht WikiEducator Community Volunteer Learning4Content Coordinator on WE email
Trevor Storr Aorakinet ePrincipal email
Paul Potaka Nelson Central Principal email
Markise Shadbolt Learning Curves Childcare Ltd Director email
Hadleigh Benson Mellons Bay School Leader email
Mark Standley Wanganui High School Head of Science and ICT Manager email
Hamish Chalmers Albany Senior High School HOD English email
Niki Davis University of Canterbury College of Education Professor of e-Learning email
Claire Buist St Clair AP/Teacher email
Fabiana Kubke University of Auckland Senior Lecturer email
Michael Verhaart EIT Hawkes Bay Principal Lecturer email

  • Feel free to sign up and join our Kiwi planning team.

Sign up, we need your help

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Sign up for helping OERNZ
  • Consider signing up for one of these roles listed below, indicating where you can help to build an OER commons for New Zealand.
  • Use the following syntax to add your name to the list:
* [[User:yourusername_goes_here|Name Surname]], School, emailadress "at" whatever "dot" org


OERNZ WikiGardener

A WikiGardener is a member of the OERNZ team who goes around the wiki correcting typos, helping out with obvious wiki text errors, and rearranging things to be more readable. WikiGardeners are generally well liked because they contribute to the quality and healthy growth of our OER garden. They have a natural talent for taking a jumble of pages or ideas and reconfiguring good, readable educational materials out of them.

Anyone can be a WikiGardener -- if you see a typo or spelling mistake, feel free to correct it! This is a valuable service to our OERNZ community.

List of OERNZ WikiGardeners

OERNZ WikiAmbassador

Become a WikiAmbassador today - Sign up here

OERNZ WikiAmbassadors are the nexus of New Zealand's OER commons. They promote WikiEducator as a community of educators and a platform for free educational resources, collaborative development and national network-building. OERNZ WikiAmbassadors are people who have a passion to widen access to quality education through open networks and free content. They identify themselves within the New Zealand OERNZ community and keep local colleagues informed of national developments, as well as profiling their ambassadorial activities our community.

OERNZ content creator

An OERNZ content creator is typically a subject matter "expert" in the areas or disciplines they teach at school. Above all an interest in teaching or sharing classroom experience are the main attributes required. This role is ideal for teachers who want to create and share OER teaching materials on WikiEducator.

OERNZ will provide free training opportunities for every teacher in New Zealand. You may choose to:

There are a wide range of choices content creators may wish to consider for OERNZ, for example: lesson plans for teachers, classroom handouts, project assignments, online lessons or activities for students, administrative support resources like school IT policies.

You may qualify for an OERNZ Content honorarium to develop an OER teaching resource.

OERNZ benefactor

Many New Zealand teachers have developed excellent teaching resources which they may wish to donate to the OERNZ initiative. This role / category is ideal for teachers who may not have the time to learn wiki skills or the time to upload their materials to the OERNZ portal. Our team of OERNZ WikiSupport people will gladly assist in converting and formatting your teaching resources for the OER commons on WikiEducator.

Your name will be listed on our OERNZ benefactors page in acknowledgement for your donation to our community. The primary authors will be attributed in the corresponding metadata for the resource in WikiEducator and original copyright holders will retain their copyright, on condition that they grant permission for the materials to be released under an open content license. OERNZ benefactors will need to confirm their authorship of the resource. In the event that the donation has used a few third-party resources or images which cannot be licensed under a free content license -- these should be clearly indicated in materials submitted for donation. We will endeavour to find openly licensed equivalents to substitute third-party licensed objects in the materials, or request release of these third party materials under a CC-BY or CC-BY-SA license.

Please consult our benefactor instructions on how to donate teaching materials for the benefit of New Zealand.

OERNZ WikiTechie

OERNZ WikiTechies have a keen interest in technology and wiki markup. They have acquired intermediate-level wiki skills and are keen to share their ICT skills by assisting fellow teachers with the layout and presentation of their OERNZ wiki pages. WikiTechies are the backbone of our bureaux service supporting teachers to convert OER teaching materials for OERNZ. To become a OERNZ WikiTechie you need to meet the following criteria:

  • add your thoughts here
  • add your thoughts here

Prospective WikiTechies may qualify for an honorarium to support the conversion of donations for OERNZ on Wikieducator.

OERNZ WikiFacilitator

An OERNZ WikiFacilitator is a member of our Kiwi teaching community who facilitates both online and face-to-face training sessions for teachers in acquiring skills to create OER on WikiEdcuator. They have an intermediate level of wiki skills and experience in facilitating wiki training activities. OERNZ WikiFacilitators assist with online training sessions, face-to-face professional development workshops and wiki taster sessions. To become a OERNZ WikiFacilitator you need to meet the following criteria:

  • add your thoughts here
  • add your thoughts here

Prospective WikiFacilitators may qualify for an honorarium to run training sessions for New Zealand teachers.

OERNZ Mentors /Wikibuddy