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What is a national convenor for WikiEducator?

Seeding and nurturing national WikiEducator teams.

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A national convenor is a person who takes initiative to convene, coordinate and promote WikiEducator activities at the country level. They update their country page on a regular basis. They encourage citizens to join existing projects and facilitate the establishment of new country-based projects - on WikiEducator.

What do national convenors for WikiEducator do?

National convenors for WikiEducator assist in the realisation of our strategy by promoting activities which:

  • updates and maintain your country or community page on a regular basis.
  • enables citizens to connect and communicate with each other on national WikiEducator projects.
  • seeding and nurturing national WikiEducator teams

How should I use the country page in WikiEducator?

The country page is a national node for WikiEducator related activities in a given country. The country page is a place:

  • to list and coordinate national WikiEducator initiatives;
  • to foster and promote local identity within a global community;
  • for local WikiEducators to meet and identify themselves;
  • for national sub-teams to convene within a given country;

List of national convenors for WikiEducator

Are there other ways in which I can help WikiEducator achieve its goals?

Yes. You can help us in variety of ways. Please see the WikiEducator Roles page.