Math Support for Calculus

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Description of Modules

These modules are intended to provide just-in-time instruction to students currently enrolled in a first year calculus course who need a refresher or remedial instruction in one or all of the following topics:

  • Algebraic Operations
  • Factorization
  • Polynomials and Rational Expressions
  • Radical Expressions
  • Linear and Quadratic Equations

Students can work through the modules in a sequential fashion or they can focus on those learning activities or topics with which they have the most difficulty.

Contents of a Learning Activity

Each of the modules contains at least two learning activities. A learning activity has seven basic components

  1. Instructions
  2. Introduction
  3. Pre-test
  4. Topics
    • Concepts
    • Examples
    • Tutorials
    • Exercises
  5. Review
  6. Assessment
    • Multiple Choice
    • Work Out and Check
  7. Glossary

Learning activities are designed to: provide instruction on a topic, demonstrate concepts using mathematical notation and detailed explanation, and provide opportunities for practice and assessment.

Instructor/Developer Resources

All of the files that an instructor would need to create their own content are provided. Instructions on how to create content are also included.

Link to Modules

The Math Support for Calculus Modules are located on the Athabasca University Open Courseware site at You will need to login as a guest to view the modules.