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Learning Design

Welcome. This space houses activity associated with learning design by Massey University (NZ) students, including those involved in 186.760 Instructional Design for e-learning


Most of the participants in this space are postgraduate students at Massey University studying e-learning, open and distance learning or educational technologies. As part of their coursework, they are designing and developing parts of learning programmes here as OERs. You can find links to the course content on this page and associated pages AND look for student-generated OERs as they are added with each offering of the course.

Design for e-Learning Introduction

Module One: ID Basics

Module Two: Learning Technologies

Module Three: Designing for e-Learning

Design project



The aim of this course is to introduce students to the principles and practice of instructional design, particularly in e-learning contexts.

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Students who successfully complete this course should be able to:

  1. Use search techniques and strategies for searching relevant information from the internet
  2. Apply learning theories and instructional design models for evaluation of online resources
  3. Critically evaluate the relationship between instructional design and technology
  4. Identify appropriate information and communication technologies for effective learning
  5. Apply instructional design and development process in developing material for distance education and/or e-learning


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