MOSEP Module 3

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Mosep logo small.jpg MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorial: Module 3
Presentation of Evidence
Overview / Introduction - Module 3
Session 1 | Session 2 | Session 3 | Session 4 | Session 5


Overview - The presentational ePortfolio

In this module you will work with your course tutor to develop the skills and understanding they will enable you to support learners as they select appropriate digital artefacts, design and construct a presentational ePortfolio. You will consider a range of different strategies and approaches that you could use to support the learner.

The module will comprise of:

  • Tutor presentations or Video Podcasts
  • Discussions - either face-to-face or Internet enabled
  • Practical workshops or assignments

The module will build on the work done in Module 1 and Module 2, and although it will not require or build particular software skills, there will be an expectation that teachers who have followed this module will have, by the end of the module, used their own presentational ePortfolio in an interview or presentational situation.

To get the most out of the module you will, after working through the activities, need practical experience of supporting students as they develop presentational ePortfolios.

The module is sub-divided into 5 sessions:

  • Session 1: Purpose and content of a presentational ePortfolio
  • Session 2: Design and compilation of a presentational ePortfolio
  • Session 3: Organising an interview or presentational situation
  • Session 4: Delivering a presentational ePortfolio
  • Session 5: Review, Reflection and Action Planning

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The objectives of this module are that participants will be able to: