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MOSEP - More self esteem with my ePortfolio
A collaborative development with the MOSEP project consortium and everybody, who wants to contribute!

Welcome to the MOSEP ePortfolio Tutorials

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MOSEP Testing

The MOSEP Wiki can help you to design and resource any course that you might want to create on the subject of ePortfolios.

As a teacher or trainer, once you have decided on what it is that you want to introduce, in terms of a particular topic, you will probably go through a common process:

  • You will search for/identfy teaching resources that you already have or that are available to you
  • You will decide on and selected what is fit/appropriate for your purpose
  • You will structure/group/organise the resources into a sequence appropriate for your learner and chosen delivery method
  • You will then create/add any specific content that you need
  • You will then package it up ready for delivery

We hope that once you have designed a course you will include it in this section of the Wiki for others to use. If you find anything in the Wiki that does not work or is not appropriate please change it. If you find resources that you think would be useful please link them into the Wiki.

If all users do this the Wiki will develop and grow so that it not only includes a bank of materails and resources, it will include courses or programmes that have been developed for a wide range of specific training purposes, audiences and contexts.