Life Skills Development/Unit Two/Leadership

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Upon completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Analyse one’s own communication and leadership styles.
  • Develop understanding of conceptual differences between ‘leadership’ and ‘management’
  • Develop understanding of the dynamics of successfully leading others
  • Practise assertiveness in putting forward good choices; motivating and sharing tasks with others and following good leaders.

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  1. What attributes do I possess that makes me a good leader?
  2. How can build myself to become a better leader?

Search all aspects of yourself and list the qualities that you think would make you a good leader and those areas you think you may need to improve to be a better leader. Keep this list near as you read this Unit.

Bear in mind, that a leader is not only a person that supervises and directs others in the corporate world, but it also applies to the domestic, scholastic and religious domains.

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