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Welcome to Module three, "Communication Skills!"

Communication is not a single act but a process involving various elements. The process involves the sending and receiving of messages. Successful living requires effective communication skills. Learners communicate using various elements within the process of communication.In examininig communication in life skills it is important that you as the learner focus on the process, methods, barriers, listenining skills, conflict resolution and anger management in your day to day interactions with other learners through technology, speech, drama and gestures in your learning environment.

As you go through life the success of your interactions will depend mainly on how you communicate. This module will enable you as the learner to develop your competences to help you communicate effectively in life skills situations.

In this module there are four units:

Unit 1: The Approach to Communication

Unit 2: The Art of Communication

Unit 3: Conflict Management

Unit 4: Public Speaking

In Unit 1 you will examine the process, methods and barriers to communication. Once you are equipped with the basic communication concepts, you will move on to Unit 2 in which you will develop the required skills for listening and responding all part of effective communication. In Unit 3 you will closely examine the skills required for managing anger and resolving conflicts. In Unit 4 you will learn the fundamentals of preparing and presenting a speech.

Note that each unit will take at least 5 learning hours.

Good luck with your course!

General Outcomes:

At the end of Module, learners should:

  1. Acquire skills for self management and effective communication and apply these to their life.