Life Skills Development/Module Five

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Module Overview

If you are thinking of looking for a job now or in the future, this module will be of great interest to you. It is designed to illustrate the importance of understanding what it takes to get prepared for the world of work, to look for and secure that job that you need so much in life. It is intended to give you skills and competences that you need to be a successful job searcher. It explores, for example, essential job search skills and approaches that will help you to compete in the changing labour market where the recruitment and selection process is becoming more and more complex.Another feature of this module is a unit telling you about the pros and cons of becoming self-employed.

Having the right job search skill is all about knowing the job that you fit in well or the job that fits you well. In this module, therefore, you are exposed to some job search skills including the identification, location and use of different advertisement sources such as media, the internet and ‘word’ of mouth. Learners will also learn how current trends in technology make it possible for them to know about job opportunities in countries other than their own.

General Outcomes

By the end of this module the learner will have

  • developed an appreciation for attaining the required skills in searching for employment.
  • become knowledgeble about the steps in job preparedness.
  • understood the techniques and behaviours for a successful interview.
  • appreciate self employment as a viable alternative.

This module contains three (3) units:

These units are divided into topics that explore different aspects.

Owing to the nature of this model, final assessment will be in the form of a portfolio and culminating in a job fair.