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Workshop Dates

The face 2 face workshop ran for 2 days from 26th-27th of February, 2009, with Robert Kruhlak as facilitator


I'm very grateful for the opportunity to facilitate this workshop and the support provided by Commonwealth of Learning (Patricia and Wayne in particular). Cecil Johnson should be commended for his foresight, local logistic support and organising the workshop. I would also like to thank the participants for their enthusiasum and effort.

Introduction and Background

Originally orchestrated by Cecil Johnson of the Grenada Ministry of Education and Patrica Schlicht of the Commonwealth of Learning, the workshop was undertaken with the understanding that curriculum officers in the Ministry of Education and high school teachers in Grenada would gain Wiki skills that could be passed on to colleagues within the Ministry and schools. Future workshops are to be organised for additional schools at the secondary and primary levels. The workshop was conducted over two days as a venue for the additional half day was not secured in time to inform all the participants properly.


Nineteen out of twenty one participants on the participants list attended the workshop, all of whom signed their learning contracts. One participant was absent on the second day

Pre-workshop Preparations

Mainly conducted by COL focal point, Cecil Johnson, and Patricia Schlicht the Learning4Content coordinator at COL.


The facilator stayed at the Flamboyant Hotel in St. Georges. The view was spectacular, the staff were pleasant, the room was clean, and the wireless internet was perfect for preparation and certification of participants in the evenings. Recommended for future guest facilitators.


The venue at Wesley College computer lab which has the capacity to serve up to about 22 participants on a 1-to-1 computer basis. The internet connection was very good for the entire workshop. It was at T1 connection with both wired and wireless options. Many participants and the facilitator were able to use their laptops and the wireless connection. This allowed us to strategically seat the participants so that the new computers were widely used. Refreshments were provided for all of the participants by the high school.

Workshop Proceedings

I roughly followed the WikiEducator workshop guidelines for day to day activities but with an accelerated pace due to the workshop being conducted over 2 days instead of 2.5 days. There were several participants with excellent computer and internet skills who had previously published to the internet on wikis (ie wikipedia). Pairing of content teachers with IT teachers again was a success allowing the entry-level participants to progress at the rapid pace. Due to the good internet connection and engagement from all participants everyone one was certified to Apprentice Level 1 before the end of the first day of the workshop. All of the participants were certified to Apprentice Level 2 by the end of the workshop except for the participant who was absent on day 2. Additionally, all participants were linked to a page from their user page to create their content. Several participants are well on their way to acheiving Wikibuddy status and should be considered as potential facilitators of future workshops.

Lessons learned

This group of participants had a higher computer and internet skills than L4C53 and was less diverse.

  • Pairing of content teacher with an IT teacher again was a big success.
  • Participants should be encouraged to bring their own laptops where applicable.
  • For a group with diverse computer and internet skills enpowering the skilled participants to help the weaker participants is essential
  • Old computer mice were a smaller problem than in L4C53.
  • Adding all participant user pages to a workshop category for example Category:L4C54 was helpful in speeding up certification using the WikiMaster framework and participant navigation to the workshop page.
  • Certifying participants to appropriate levels in the evening after first day is a big motivator for the second day of the workshop.
  • Additional preplanning would have been beneficial. For example, having all of the computers upgraded to more modern web browsers if possible and having WikiEducator set as the home page before the workshop begins.
  • Providing additional material for the advanced users was more of a challenge for this group of participants.


  • If possible, future workshops in Grenada should be facilitated by workshop graduates that have attained Wikibuddy status. This will accelerate the building of local capacity in the country. There are several participants who have been identified by the facilitator and communicated to Cecil Johnson of the Ministry of Education.
  • A visiting facilitator should bring several optical mice to the workshop. They don't take up much space and would temporarily remove the worst mice from circulation improving the user experience significantly.
  • Continue with the practice of pairing a content teacher with an IT teacher.
  • Upgrade computers with old browsers before the workshop begins.
  • Set browser home page to WikiEducator before the workshop begins.
  • Inform new facilitators of the new user list which should significantly speed up account creation, verification, and login for participants with weaker computer and internet skills.
  • Create a redirect to the workshop page prior to the beginning of the workshop. For example L4C54.