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Getting started. WikiEducators from Papua New Guinea

L4C Interventions to Increase Engagement

  • Change Course Name, from L4C Advance, to L4C Something else.... performance?
  • Course Layout page
  • Find a way to incorporate Randy's Master's Project Paper
  • The Control Paradox and Paradigm Shift
  • "the paradox of control is that you have to give up control to gain greater control" I have also learnt from that article that there are no "best practices" -our common phrase-only "useful practices" Thanks Randy., feedback from Njuki G


    • Register User Name

Day 1

    • Email address confirmation, etc.
    • Use Feedback page
  • Professional Development

Day 2

  • Add User Name, Use Feedback Page + Network with your peers (i.e., remove People I have trained page)
  • Rest & Reflection

Day 3

The Paradox of Control and a Paradigm Shift

As part of Randy Fisher's (aka Wikirandy) Masters degree work in Organization Management and Development, he has written Primal Needs Gone Digital: Educators' Motivations in Collaborative Wiki Spaces.

Icon activity.jpg
Read "The Paradox of Control and a Paradigm Shift". Consider the following questions:
  1. Have you experienced a gap between your initial expectations and your experience on the wiki? Explain.
  2. How have your expectations changed, as a result of your experience and skills development? Explain.
  3. Analyse have you learned so far, about the wiki experience.
  4. How could it be applied to your work context and professional development?

Share your answers on the Course Feedback page. DO RESPOND to at least two (2) of your colleagues with your thoughts and impressions, from Your World of Experience.

Day 4

  • Collaborative Editing...Keeping Track of Activity in the Wiki & on Your Wiki Pages
    • Three Activites
  • Analyse Your Contributions
  • Network with your peers

Day 5

  • Pilot Projects on WE

Facilitator's Role - learner skills development and learner/community engagement

  • revise facilitator's role, from simply wiki skills development, to include learner/community engagement -- because the growth in WE will come from Educational Institutions' embracing WE. Value Proposition for Educational Institutions
    • particularly as some of the nagging problems with WE account registration, talk pages - become resolved
    • also, clustering within course - leading to pilot project (re: Jud-Guyana proposal example:
  • complete OER Teaching Resource
    • strengthen link between OER Teaching Resource --> Professional Development --> Pilot Projects
  • encourage learners to develop pilot projects
  • encourage completing of Post Workshop Survey
    • strengthen link between Pilot Projects and Post Workshop Survey - in terms of engaging colleagues within educational institutions, departments...
  • encourages 'junior facilitator role', to increase online facilitation skills, community engagement.... and bridge gap between WikiApprentice2 and WikiBuddy. Learn by doing - they get experience in return for helping us, and their colleagues...
  • encourage Rest & Reflection, at key levels in skill development
  • At end of course - send "If You Are Message, Don't Worry message
    • Build on Apprenticeship model
  • Develop Facilitator's Training Handbook

Notes about Outcome Measures


    • Reduce dropout rate = increase conversion rate from Newbies to Active Contributors (sort of)
    • Reduce frustration
    • Accelerate cycle of collaboration


Apprenticeship Model

  • WikiSkills development
  • Online Facilitation
  • Other

(keep in mind scalability and sustainability)

VCC Practicum