Guidelines for face-to-face workshops

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Guidelines for face-to-face facilitators

The statement of work should be read in conjunction with the Bounty Announcement for L4C facilitators.

Pre-workshop requirements

Expression of Interest and signing the contract
  1. Submit an Expression of Interest by completing all the requirements.
  2. Decide on suitable dates for your workshop. (Be sure to include a pdf version of a signed letter of agreement from the host institution agreeing to host the workshop and providing access to a computer laboratory for the training). This must be uploaded as a link on your User page;
  3. Wait for confirmation of acceptance and contract from COL
  4. Sign and return the contract to COL (In order to qualify for the facilitator's bounty you should not commence work in the absence of a signed contract).
Preparing for the workshop
  1. Complete the pre-workshop planning.
  2. Prepare the training agenda for your workshop.
  3. Send out invitations, training agenda, registration forms and learning contract for your workshop. A minimum of 15 delegates are required for a L4C workshop.
  4. List your proposed L4C workshop in WikiEducator using the face-to-face workshop schedule. You will need to create a new page for listing delegates and reporting on your L4C workshop. This page must have the following headings:
    • Introduction (where you provide information on the host institution and link to the facilitator's user page).
    • Participants
    • Photographs
    • List of content projects started
    • Link to your workshop report
  5. Print out copies of the agenda, and learning contracts for each of the registered participants.

Presenting the workshop

  1. Collect a signed copy of the Learning contract from each participant. Keep these documents for submitting your final report.
  2. Facilitate the workshop using your agenda as point of departure. Use your professional judgement in adapting and refining the workshop according to the needs of your group.
  3. Make sure that you create a link to the user name of each participant on the participant list page for your workshop. This page will also be used to link to the participants content contribution specified in the learning contract.
  4. Be sure to take digital photographs of your workshop to share with the WikiEducator community. You must upload one group photo and the seven best photos of WikiEducators at work during your workshop page you created for the participant list.
  5. If you like, you can record short video vignettes of participants reflecting on the workshop. See for example the videos recorded at the WikiPasifika workshop.

Post-workshop requirements

  1. Prepare a short workshop report. The report should be submitted on WikiEducator as a subpage link from your workshop page. The report should not be more than 2 or 3 standard pages.
  2. Post the signed Learning Contracts in one sealed envelope to the address provided below.
  3. On completion of these tasks, prepare an invoice for the facilitator's fee and email this as an attachment.
Address for posting the learning contracts
Dr Wayne Mackintosh
Forth St
Private Bag 1910
New Zealand