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Each card[1] consists of a title, an image, some text and attribution information. The text for the cards will be similar to the short descriptions on the book patterns pages (see Resources) and some of those images might make it onto the cards (if they meet the criteria).

Identify cards requiring new images

Reasons for requiring new images include:

  • We don't have consensus on the choice of image for the card in question.
  • Copyright issues - e.g. we are unsure of the photographer/artist or whether the person who published the image owns the copyright.
  • Licensing issues - all images for the cards must be free cultural works. The cards themselves will be released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike.
  • Etc.

For now, we start with cards which most urgently need new images on the Image Quest 2.0 images page.

  1. Some are linked to on the top level cards page.