Introduction to customer centred business/ICCB100 OERu course specification

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Part A: Course specification


  • OERu course name: Introduction to customer centred business
  • Level: 1st year Bachelor's Degree level
  • Notional learning hours: 200
  • Micro-courses
  • OERu course codes:
  • OERu assessing institutions: University of the Highlands and Islands
  • Micro-credential options:
  • OERu mode of study: Self-directed study or cohort-based independent study with peer-learning support.

Course aim

This course provides students with the knowledge to allow them to identify, evaluate and develop effective customer care within their chosen industry. They will develop an understanding of expectations and relate this to consumer behaviour, recognising both sociological and psychological factors.

Learning outcomes

  1. Identify and describe customer consumer groups and the effect on consumer behaviour.
  2. Describe the purpose and use of customer care policies and complaints procedures and evaluate current practices.
  3. Evaluate marketing and customer interaction to assess their influence on consumer behaviour, describing both sociological and psychological factors.

Indicative content

  1. Customers, groups and group processes: knowing the customer; expectations and establishing relationships; reference groups; conformity and deviance
  2. Factors contributing to customer care: Staff; recruitment; training; service recovery; preparation and provision; management roles in customer care; organisational structure and procedures; key performance indicators
  3. Sociological and psychological effects on customer care: Group process; status groups; culture and attitude; psychological conditioning (classical & operant); Perception; Surrogate indicators; motivation.
  4. Marketing based on customer care and consumer factors: Improved communications; pre-visit customer care; On-line presence; Customer databases; Physical environment.

Assessment and credit transfer options

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Part B: Detailed objectives

Micro-course structure


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