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  •, Ottawa, Canada. -- Providing facilitation services to engage stakeholder for website redesign.

Intersol Project References

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Design and delivery of WikiEducator’s WikiMaster Skills Development and Apprenticeship Certification Framework, 2009 -
  • Analyzed and synthesized information from Community Needs Analysis of WikiEducator Community. Wrote FAQs, briefs, brochures, as part of a toolkit for WikiEducator Community and International Centre of Open Education / Open Education Resource Foundation, 2008 – 2009.
  • Development of a national approach for monitoring for the Species at Risk Act – Fisheries & Oceans Canada, 2009
  • Design and delivery of a Knowledge Transfer and Exchange Forum for the Public Health Agency of Canada
  • (30-50 participants from research, policy and program delivery and design, both in headquarters and in the regions, met to discuss (1) research evidence, especially as it pertains to hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, STI and tuberculosis; (2) programming; (3) policy; and (4) how each interfaces with the other; to develop meaning from this information, e.g., to identify the implications of evidence for programming (and vice versa), and to identify gaps in both evidence, policy and programming; to identify opportunities & strategies to support and inform each other’s work and build connections between evidence, policy and programming in order to deliver more effective overall PHAC results.)
  • Design, development and delivery of “Chairing Effective Science based Peer Review Meetings” – DFO, Canadian Science Advisory Secretariat, 2009
  • Design and delivery of an Employee Professional Development program (bilingual) Empire Life, Kingston, ON, 2006 – 2008
  • Consulting, facilitation and report-writing for Environment Canada, 2007.
  • (in support of a two-day workshop of the National Performance Promotion Working Group on Waste and PCBs (NPPWG). The objectives of the meeting were to share information and to finalize a workplan for the upcoming year.)
  • Courseware Design and Development - HRSDC, Grants and Contributions, 2007 –2009
  • Facilitated breakout session of the Competing for Tomorrow Summit, Council of the Federation, 2006
  • (a national summit with 300 stakeholders from the postsecondary education and skills training sectors. In the breakout session, a diverse group of stakeholders shared perspectives, identified challenges and strategies for the future, developed key actions in support of the strategies, and prepared a report for the subsequent plenary session.)

Project Management / Learning Coordination

Stakeholder Consultation

As consultants to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), Intersol supported the development of a new Canadian Housing Framework HRSDC Housing & Homelessness, and advised, designed, facilitated, project managed, provided logistics planning, data analysis and reporting services on a series of community sessions (400 participants) in 11 cities across Canada, within a 5-week period. The purpose of the sessions was to provide an opportunity for representatives from community stakeholder groups to present in person, to a federal government panel, their input on the development of a new Canadian Housing framework. The Minister or delegate spoke at each of the sessions and responded to questions. Intersol provided analysis and reporting for each consultation session as well as a synthesis analysis and report of all sessions.

Healthy Living Symposium

Intersol advised, planned, developed, project-managed and led the consultation strategy and model for a large-scale multi-stakeholder symposium to enable the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers of Health to shape a policy framework for Healthy Living that improves the health of Canadians. Intersol led the event and coordinated 10 consultant/facilitators who in turn led the dialogue sessions involving various expert groups.

This national event involved multiple high profile stakeholders (federal and provincial ministers, senator, federal and provincial deputy ministers and other senior officials). The results of the Symposium were submitted in the form of policy recommendations to the federal-provincial-territorial ministers of health.

Intersol designed a series of reporting templates which were used by the professional facilitators leading stakeholders in the key steps of the dialogue process and-to support plenary sessions throughout the Symposium. These reporting templates were also used to develop the analysis and reporting concept for sharing the results of the Symposium which were prepared for consideration by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee of Ministers. The final report was also posted on Health Canada’s Website.

Regional and National Innovation Summits

Working closely with Consulting and Audit Canada as well as several other consulting firms, Intersol assisted Industry Canada in the advice, design, planning, project management and execution of the Regional Innovation Summits in the fall of 2002. Over 1,100 participants through four regional and one national sessions: these regional summits were an integral part of the Government of Canada’s Innovation Strategy aimed at rallying communities to identify opportunities for innovation that contribute to community prosperity. As a result of the Regional Summits, Intersol was then hired to be part of the design, planning and facilitation team assembled for the National Innovation Summit held in the winter of 2003.

The National Summit brought together captains of industry, leaders in the world of academia, interested citizens and policy makers to develop specific actions for the practical application of the Innovation Strategy. The project also included the facilitation of a workshop with the Executive of the National Aboriginal Economic Development Board. The outcomes including, gathering feedback from the Executive Board members on the Innovation Strategy; developing high level strategies for communication of the meeting results and preparing a final report on the results of the meeting.

Commonwealth Executive MBA / MPA Programmes & Consortium=

Provided project coordination services to members of a higher education distance learning consortium, for the Commonwealth Executive MBA / MPA Program in 10 counties, including Bangladesh, India, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea. Evaluated external consultants for course reviews and revisions; and developed Action Plans for converting Print-Content to E-Learning Delivery System. Coordinated Executive Governing Board and Academic Board meetings and correspondence.

Global Community of Learners

Conducted community needs analysis and implemented learning, using Appreciative Inquiry and Participatory Action Research. Facilitated the development a global community of educators - 12,000 educators in 100+ countries and a top 100,000 website - by engaging new and established wiki-champions; developing skills-based training and support including an apprenticeship framework (which trained 3,500 educators globally in 18 months in online and face-to-face formats); facilitating cluster development, and bridging diverse cultures in a complex and rapidly-changing organizational environment.

Community Media / Radio Community of Practice

Facilitated the development of an international community of practice for community media trainers in Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Developed groundbreaking learning workshop in conjunction with health (HIV AIDS) practitioners focused on HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy, to provide expertise in developing community radio learning programs. Also developed and planned a 'pilot' capacity building workshop )for 99 women, representing 33 NGOs in Africa) at Radio Mang'elete (Kenya). Partners include ECONEWS Africa, Commonwealth of Learning, Radio Mang’elete, UNESCO and the Kenya Community Media Network.