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Invitation to contribute to a Collaborative Book!

First Edition

The first edition, Education for a Digital World: Advice, Guidelines, and Effective Practice from Around the Globe, has been published by the Commonwealth of Learning and is available to download from their website.

The creation of this book employed a unique interactive collaborative research model, one involving the formation of relationships and the sharing of ideas to produce new thinking. Offering a global perspective, it had almost 50 contributors from around the globe representing education, research, administration, and business.

Second Edition

We are now working on a 2nd Edition. The tentative title is Innovations in Education. Our goal is to launch /Innovations in Education/ at the 6th Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, or PCF6, to be held in November 2010 in India.

We are identifying potential co-authoring opportunities, defining potential clusters or categories of interest, and more. Interested in contributing? We are inviting and encouraging contributions from all over the world. Click on "edit" to jot down your area of research and expertise. If you know of anyone else who would be a strong contributor, please encourage him or her to add their name here.

For full details, please visit our project space in: Wikispaces



Important Dates

July 1, 2009 to August 1, 2009 -Visit the Wikispaces wiki to submit chapter working title, brief overview and list of contributors. Your submission may fit into either one of two books we are developing. Please visit the wiki for complete details.

August 1, 2009 to September 1, 2009 -Submit complete chapter outlines.

September 15, 2009 -Submit chapter overviews.

Final Call for Participation

This is a final call for participation in the collaborative book. The deadline for proposals and chapter overviews is September 15th.

For participation details, a list of contributors, and for further information, visit the Book Project on Wikispaces.


For further information contact Sandy Hirtz or Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly

Name Area of Interest and Expertise Email
Nellie Deutsch
Glen Gatin
Facilitating Online Workshops,

Minhaaj ur Rehman Use of Open Source and OER model for human resources
Wayne Mackintosh Peer collaboration models for OER and sustainable education
Elizabeth Koh Collaborative learning using wikis, success factors of learning systems, cultural background and learning
Sharon Betts Professional Learning Networks in Education
Vivek Sharma Entrepreneurship training, guidance and mentoring Family Business, Innovations and succession planing [1]
Neli Maria Mengalli (Curriculum Educational Doctoral Student; Networking Specialist; Virtual Mediator; Social Media Technology Consultant) - Chapter Title: Management Based on Knowledge in Education: Undertaking from Communities of Practice (CoP) in State Public Network
Moira Hunter Architecture for the Language Learner in Virtual Worlds from the Teacher/Learner Perspectives
Steve Boska How video games can be used to facilitate education. Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Dan O'Reilly VR's and Second Life Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Niki Lambropoulos Human-Computer Interaction Education, user/learner, human/learning values in the initial design stages, CSCL
Kevin Kelly -next generation electronic portfolios, transfer students' perceptions of how social networking software can be used in the articulation process, mobile learning technology, for example, "How 2 Lrn w ur iPod"
Don McIntosh he impact of One Laptop per Child (OLPC) - Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Randy Labonte fostering quality learning in online learning environments, action research findings
Julia Hengstler adoption/diffusion of technology; digital footprints; educational/professional use of twitter/delicious/moodle
David Brear socialization of the Internet and its impact on education Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Rick Lavin computer-mediated communication; weblogs and social networking software for language education; technology evaluation rlavin at
Paul Beaufait Blended Learning, Collaboration, Educational Technology, Language Learning, Language Teaching, Teacher Development pab at pu-kumamoto dot ac dot jp
Joseph Tomei Erase this and add your interest and expertise Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Derek Wenmoth Erase this and add your interest and expertise Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Beatriz Pereira Erase this and add your interest and expertise Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Peter Rawsthorne The internet is the platform, a social media / solutions architecture approach to learning systems design, development and sustainability.
Valerie Taylor online teaching and learning, adoption and reuse of learning objects, study guides and personal learning spaces
Maria Droujkova Mathematics, distributed and local communities of practice, authoring communities, family math studies, social software development for mathematics, math metaphors
Andrew Marcinek Technology and Web 2.0 in the classroom
Col Hawksworth Evaluation of Technology and Tools for eLearning/mLearning. Use of technology in education.
Liz Stevenson Personalised learning in Web 2.0 environments esp online coaching/mentoring
Dolly Bhasin Continuing Education using elearning and use of ICT in Capacity Development Programmes
Luca MazzolaBlog Researcher on Technology Enhanced Learning - PhD student - primarily interested in how to support the students' meta-cognitive processes in Adaptive Hypermedia system

by opening the learner profile and representing it graphically

luca.mazzola at
Paola Francesca Spadaro Identity and Community Building on Blended and e-Learning contexts
Panagiotes S. Anastasiades Interactive Videoconferencing for K12 Classrooms
Mario Rotta Learning (and teaching) with eBooks [2]
Luisanna Fiorini [3] [4] Informal Collaborative Learning and Teaching, Open content and source, Learning Activity web 2.0 vs learning Object web 1.0. fiorluis[at]
Robin Bartoletti Pedagogical Uses of Emerging Technology [5]

Shawn Berney The internet is the platform - with Peter Rawsthorne Shawn@IETech.Ca
Patricia Jaramillo Design and evaluation of uses and impact of TIC in learning environments [6]
Paul West and Julien Hofman copyright Erase this and add your interest and expertise
Laura Dell Effective Online Practices for Teacher Education - Early Childhood Ed
Sameer Verma Professor Information Systems, One Laptop Per Child Project, Open Source Software (see
Ruth Cox Health Education, electronic portfolios, online interactions
John C Ittelson Professor CSU Monterey Bay
Monica Sturgess Uses of technology in post secondary education - Canada, Morocco, Turkey and UAE.
Sylvia Currie and ? evolution of online communities, facilitating networks of communities scurrie@bccampus
Vincent Kizza ICT pedagogy [7]
June Kaminski and Amandah Hoogbruin Co-Creation of Content to promote Learning, Activism and Advocacy
Nellie Deutsch evolution of online communities, facilitating networks of communities
Vijender Singh Chauhan Online Learning communities in Hindi


| evolution of constructivist learners | [8]