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Content Contribution by participants Pictures taken at WikiEd08

Wishing you Deepawali with a slide show

At WikiEd08

<kaltura-widget kalturaid='5we5n32wbk' size='M' align='L'/> The WikiEd08 - the two paralel L4C workshops were inaugurated by a strong advocate of Linux and Wikipedia - Professor Dinesh Singh, the Director of the South Campus, University of Delhi. Professor Ashum Gupta highlighted the need of open education to meet the expectations of Gandhiji - that of everyone having access to education. The Keynote speaker Dr Dinesh Abrol, who works on Science Policy in the country, spoke about various issues and aspects related to IPR, copy rights in the perspective of education. He strongly supported the expansion of the Wikieducator movement in the country. Dr Savithri Singh, the Principal of the host college, explained the 'how and why' of the workshop citing her own personal experiences.

The real hands-on session started with a round of introductions along with a statement of 'why they registered for the workshop' by all participants. It came as a pleasant surprise how diverse the backgrounds of the participants were. This was followed by a presentation by Savithri on the History of the wiki movement and an introduction to the Wikieducator. The two groups seperated into two labs - each handled by one facilitator - Dr. Savithri Singh and Mr. Anil Prasad. The schedule was succesfully followed. The last sessions was held on the 6th October 2008. It was a valedictory session presided by Dr. R. Sreedhar, Director CEMCA

(Comment.gif: Dear Savithri, would you perhaps mind specifying the gender of each participant for reporting purposes. It is one of our mandates to ensure that this is done. Thank you. Warm regards, --Patricia 23:00, 16 December 2008 (UTC))

List of Participants of the two Parallel L4C Workshops

S. No.

Name of the Participant
1. Dr.(Ms.) Sunita Hooda (F) AND College Associate Professor in Chemistry

2. Dr. K. Sarathchandran(M) Sri Venketeswara College Reader in Zoology

3. Dr.(Ms.) Sarita Kumar (F) AND College Associate Professor in Zoology

4. Dr. (Ms.)Sarita Aggarwal(F) AND College Lecturer in Mathematics

5. Dr.(Ms.)Neeti Misra(F) AND College Sr. Lecturer in Chemistry

6. SD. Reyaz Hashmi(M) Maharishi Valmiki College of Education Librarian

7. Dr.(Ms.) Harsupreet Kaur(F) AND College Lecturer in Physics

8. Dr. Narendra Kumar(M) Dept of Education, SGPG College, Meerut Lecturer

9. Mr. Debadityo Sinha(M) AND College Undergraduate in Zoology

10. Ms. Neeti Yadav(F) Daulat Ram College Lecturer in Botany

11. Ms. Jyoti Singhal(F) Kamala Nehru College B.A. Political Science

12. Ms. Namreeta Kumari(F) Kamala Nehru College B.A. Political Science

13. Ms. Veena Saini(F) AND College Librarian

14. Dr.(Ms.) Manisha Jain(F) AND College Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

15. Dr. M. C. Arunan(M) Sophia College for Women, Mumbai Head, Department of Life Sciences

16. Dr. Gita Mathur(F) Gargi College Reader in Botany

17. Mr. Kamal Deep Singh(M) Guru Ram Dass College of Education Teacher Educator

18. Dr.(Ms.) Anju Jain(F) Daulat Ram College Lecturer in Zoology

19. Mr. Arijit Bhaumik(M) AND College Undergraduate in Biomedical Sciences

20. Dr. Anubha Mukherji(F) DDU College Reader in English

21. Dr. Pramesh Ratnakar(M) DDU College Reader in English

22. Dr.(Ms.) Anita Gulati(F) DDU College Reader in Zoology

23. Dr.(Ms.) Sujata Sinha(F) DDU College Reader in Botany

24. Mr. Samarth Goyal(M) DDU College BA (Hons) English Part II

25. Dr.(Ms.) Meenu Mohil(F) AND College Senior Lecturer in Physics

26. Dr.(Ms.) Vibha Gaur(F) AND College Lecturer in Computer Science

27. Dr Arijit Chowdhuri(M) AND College Lecturer in Physics

28. Ms. Rashmi Menon(F) AND College Lecturer in Physics

29. Mr. Subhash Kumar(M) AND College Lecturer in Physics

30. Ms. Smriti Shukla (F) DDU College BA(hons)English Part II

31. Ms. Mansi Grover(F) DDU College BA(Hons)English Part II

32. Mr. Dharmendra Kumar(M) S.G.T.B. Khalsa College Lecturer in Mathematics

33. Dr.(Ms.) Sunita Philip (F) Daulat Ram College Lecturer in Botany

34. Ms. Meenam Bhatia (F) Daulat Ram College Lecturer in Zoology

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