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Featured WikiEducators from India

This is a place to meet WikiEducators from India who have attained remarkable achievements in using and teaching WikiEducator as well as content contribution.

  • Each featured article will be displayed for two weeks to one month on the India page and then will be shifted to the Featured user page, that is, this page.
  • Once total number of Featured WEs attains ten, another featured series of publishing interviews of the already featured WEs will commence from the first WE featured.

Now featuring Dr. Dilip P. Barad

Featured WE : Wiki Dr. Sanjaya Mishra

Dr. Sanjaya Mishra is a Reader in Distance Education at the Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education of the Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India. He is a WikiEducator Member since 8th August 2006. Dr. Sanjaya is also a known instructional designer and trainer on ODL in South-East Asia and South Asia. He has done couple of online projects at IGNOU keeping WikiEducator in core. He has authored an eBook called Write 2 Teach In 3 Days. He has also conducted WikiEducator demonstrations at Open School, BOU, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dr. Sanjaya has also conducted a National Online Training on Development of Self-Learning Materials where in he has made the participants to use WikiEducator for development of learning materials as part of the training. Apart from the above activities he is also providing online support to the new members of the community.

Featured WE : Dr. Savithri Singh

Saviiic 3.gif
Dr. Savithri Singh is the Principal of the Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi, INDIA. She is also an elected Member of the WikiEducator Council. She became a WikiEducator in July, 2006. From the very beginning of her association with WE she proved herself a strong supporter of the project. She is actively involved in the collaborative development of 'Certificate courses for entrepreneurship in Bamboo and rattan cultivation' and takes her role as a Wiki-ambassador very seriously. She is also an active member of the team developing a framework for quality assurance in Multimedia Learning Materials, a project of CEMCA seconded by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. (go to the page from here). She has conducted two face to face L4C workshops in October, 2008 and has scheduled two from 9-12 January 2009 You can register here. She had taken a lead role in organising the successful inauguration of the India Chapter of WikiEducator on 15th November, 2008.

Dr. Savithri Singh is also a strong supporter of the Free Software movement. Under her leadership her college has switched to Linux operating system. Her college is the first under the University of Delhi that has attained this position. She also attempts to introduce free and open source software to the new members of WikiEducator community.

Featured WE : Wiki Pankaj

Dr. Pankaj Khare is presently serving as Director, International Division of Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India. He is also an elected member of the WikiEductor Community Council. He is a geologist turned to Open Distance Learning. Dr. Pankaj has 23 years of experience in formal and distance education. He has done his PhD in Distance Education on "Data mining applications in Distance education". He is also serving as the Nodal Officer for Pan-Africa E-network Project, a Tele-education initiative of Government of India for capacity building of African nations from December 2006.

He is among the prominent academicians who promote WikiEducator from the very beginning of its launch. He strongly believes that the technology enabled learning is a great educational delivery method where we can create one-to-one environment for learners. Elearning is always an excitement to Dr. Pankaj. He always introduces himself as Wiki Pankaj and wants fellow WEs to prefix Wiki with their names while introducing themselves. This shows his deep-rooted commitment and attachment to the project.

Dr. Pankaj has created an online Video tutorial for WikiEducator. Another very exciting and important project he had initiated on WikiEducator is Handbook of Open Universities project. His other ongoing WE projects are Bangladesh Open School Project , Scenerio Based eLearning Project and Tutorial on tables. He is also actively involved in Commonwealth Computer Navigator's Certificate project.

Dr. Pankaj Khare is always very keen to promote the use of WikiEducator in the academic events that are being either conducted by him or attended by him. In IGNOU he has used WikiEducator for a couple of academic projects and training programmes. He provides online support to the WE community members to learn wikimedia skills as well as to develop content pages.

Featured WE : Anil Prasad

Anil Prasad is an Appointed member of the WikiEductor Community Council. This is an honour given to only a few WikiEducators of the international community. Anil is a true Volunteer Educator because in spite of not being an academician like most of us, he is devoted to eduction. He is presently the Nodal Officer (Website), Finance Department, Govt. of Kerala, India. He is a dedicated WikiEducator who has started the India Node on WikiEducator. He strongly believes that Online Open Distance Learning is the real promise for the future of higher education. Through India page he brought the Indian WikiEducators together and paved way for the formation of India Chapter of WikiEducator.

Apart from WikiEducator he is an active participant of Development Gateway communities, Solution Exhange communities of UNDP, GKP Net, Open Learn of the Open Univeristy of UK etc. In all these online forums Anil is always very keen to promote WikiEducator. Links to his thoughts on a wide veriety of subjects are available from his user page. He calls himslef as a Free and Open thought Engine.

Anil's major contributions on WikiEducator can be viewed at:

He is also contributing to Lifelong Learning for Farmers project of Commonwealth of Learning and organized two WikiEducator workshops in Colombo Srilanka and Madurai, India to develop Agricultural Open Education Resources on WikiEducator along with Agricultural scientists, teachers and farmers. He has also provided support in conducting WikiEducator workshops in London (during the Pan Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning at University of London) and in New Delhi. As a devoted WikiArtisan he performs network management functions & participates in network development projects. Above all he is a true WikiNeighbour, encouraging all new members.

Featured WE : Dr. Ramakrishnan Srinivasan

Dr. Ramakrishnan Srinivasan is a very enthusiastic WikiEducator Ambassador from Karnataka State of India. Dr. Ramakrishnan, a double Ph.D. holder (in English Literature and Sanskrit), is presently serving as the English Department Head of Sringeri College, Karnataka, India. Apart from this he is also the Director of the Centre for Spiritual Resource Development (CSRD), and one of the founding members of the Project Mind Foundation for realizing Accelerated Thought (as constituted by David S. Devor, Israel). As the director of CSRD he has conducted in-depth research studies in Traditional Disciplines such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Tantra.

Dr. Ramakrishnan joined WikiEducator community in April 2008. From the very beginning of his association with WE he strives hard to build strong presence of WikiEducator among both academicians and students. Dr. Ramakrishnan has organized launching of WikiEducator India Team slogan A computer literate, internet enabled teacher is better equipped to create nation-building generation and off line campaign of L4C Workshop on 5th Sept. 2008, on the occasion of Teachers Day at Sri JCBM (Jagatguru Chandrashekhara Bharati Memorial) College, Shringeri, Karnataka. More than 500 students and teachers attended the function. A Prayer Song also was released.

At the UGC Sponsored State Level Two Day Seminar on New Vistas in the Teaching-Learning of Communicative English, organized at Sri Mahaveera College, Moodbidri, Karnataka on 26-27th Sept. 2008, Dr. Ramakrishnan has presented a Paper titled "Towards Greater Teacher Empowerment" in which he highlighted the relevant role of WikiEducator Community and it was well received. He has created a WikiEducator related topic for the doctoral thesis titled ELT Specific Computer Literacy and Internet Enabling : A Study and Survey. The candidate, Sri Naveen ( Thenavina ) has registered this title in Dravidian University, A.P.,India under his guideship. Probably it will be the first topic given to a doctoral thesis with specific study requirement on WikiEducator.

It is Dr. Ramakrishnan's repeated demand and strong initiative for a national event for WikiEducator community paved the way for the formation of India Chapter of WikiEducator. Dr. Ramakrishnan strongly believes that the wiki environment is conducive to achieving the ideals of being human globally.

Featured WE : Dr. Gita Mathur

Dr. Gita Mathur is an Associate Professor of Botany in Gargi College, an Undergraduate college of the University of Delhi with over 25 years of total teaching experience. Dr. Gita is a strong advocate of free access to educational content. She is also associated with the open and free software movement in India. She is a member of Interim Advisory Board of WikiEducator India Chapter.

Her favourite quote from Rg-Veda "Getting together is beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success" that she has put as the title of her user page alone is sufficient to reveal her inner views as well as the radiance of sincerity and the strength of initiatives. She is innovative and always very keen to observe and practice new knowledge.

In the WE community Dr. Gita is a very effective community builder. She always finds time to help the community members as well as review the contents that are being developed on wikieducator. She has conducted one L4C workshop in her college and will now conduct two online eL4C (EL4C26 & EL4C27) workshops.

Featured WE: Dr. Uma Kanjilal


Dr. Uma Kanjilal is a Professor of Library and Information Science at Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), New Delhi and also the Director of School of Social Sciences at IGNOU. She is a person who should have been featured much earlier in this series while considering her contributions from the earlier days of WikiEducator.

She was one of the very active contributors of Commonwealth Computer Navigators Course (CCNC), starting from February 2007. CCNC is an officially announced ODL development project on WikiEducator.

Now she is very actively engaged in contributing to Commonwealth Youth Programme Regional Centre for Africa CYP RCA space on WikiEducator.

Featured WE: Dr. Sarita kumar

Sarita 2.jpg

Dr. Sarita Kumar is an Associate Professor in Zoology in Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi. She is in teaching profession since 1990. She is also very actively involved in curriculum development, review and editing work at NCERT, Training of PGT teachers at SCERT, writing books at the school levels (primary and secondary) and developing e-learning content materials at college levels.

Dr. Sarita became a WikiEducator family member through the face to face L4C workshop conducted at Acharya Narendra Dev College during October, 2008. Now she is one of the most active WikiEducator Ambassadors. She has facilitated six face to face workshops in New Delhi, India. Apart from the facilitation of face to face workshops, she is also supporting various OER as well as project management initiatives that are being taken up by WikiEducator community. She is also very keen to provide online support to the new members of our WikiEducator community.

Featured WE: Dr. Dilip Barad


Dr. Dilip P. Barad holds Ph.D. degree from Saurashtra University and M.A. from Bhavnagar University where he teaches in the Department of English as a senior lecturer.He has recently (in Dec 2008) cleared GSET (Gujarat State Eligibility Test) for the eligibility for lecturership. He has vast experience of teaching communication skills to the students of Business Management and Commerce. He taught Business Correspondence and Communication Skills at NRV Institute of Business Management and JJCET Commerce College (Saurashtra University), Junagadh (Gujarat) for 10 years. He has presented research papers in several international and national seminars/conferences and has also published research papers in journals and magazines. He has done his Ph.D. research on Thomas Hardy and his areas of interest are CALL, Literary Criticism, use of ICT in TELL, Business Correspondence, Communication Skills, English Language and Literature. He has successfully completed C.I.C.(Certificate in Computing) from IGNOU, so he has first hand experience of distance education and have good exposure to SLM and OERs. He has applied for counselling for English course under Ambedkar Open University. and IGNOU courses for B.A., M.A. and other English Language Courses. Being co-ordinator of fully computerized, LAN based language lab (which runs under Ambedkar Open University.), he has good experience of working for Open universities and he is associated with text book & material production for the same courses.

Having a wealth of experience and exemplary credentials Dilip P. Barad, Ph.D has steadily increased his participation in WikiEducator since July 2008. Dr. Barad is also an excellent ambassador for WikiEducator as he frequently speaks of the benefits of accessing and in contributing to WikiEducator. Dr. Barad has an excellent user page that showcases how text, photos and rich media can be used to portray information and ideas. The Userpage of Dr. Dilip P. Barad was selected as the UPE award winner for March 2009.

Featured WE: Dr. Anubha Das


Dr. Anubha Das is a trained Zoologist graduated from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. She specializes in the field of entomology and has worked on lepidopteran larvae and insect behavior during her research days. She holds a Ph.D. degree and is working as an Assistant Professor of Zoology in Zakir Husain College. She is an active worker of her college and is integral part of various committees. She is a true nature lover and participates in various campaigns of WWF to save the planet and the species inhabiting it.

Dr. Anubha became a part of WikiEducator family as a Wikineighbour in March 2009 after discovering the country page for India on WikiEducator. She then participated in EL4C21 online workshop and became one of the most active WikiAmbassadors. In just four months in the month of July, 2009, her user page was selected for UPE award. She is working on several OER and other projects including that on transgenic mouse, Alzheimer disease and especially on endangered animals, e.g. Olive Ridley Turtles etc. Dr. Anubha, a continuous learner, believes that life is a learning process and thus, she participates in various workshops and conferences to keep her knowledge update.

Featured WE: Dr. Neeti Misra


Dr. Neeti Misra is working as Associate Professor in Chemistry in Acharya Narendra Dev College, University of Delhi. She specializes in the field of physical chemistry and has worked on copolymer-copolymer interaction with Professor S.K. Chatterjee, Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi. Besides teaching in the college she is actively involved in creating course content for Institute of Life Long Learning(ILLL). She has also been involved with NCERT as subject expert and as a resource person with Vidya Bhawan Education Resource Centre, Udaipur. For the last two years she has attended the Upper Primary Science and Mathematics Workshops as a resource person.

She is also an active worker of her college and is integral part of various committees. She is a true nature lover and participates in various campaigns of WWF to save the planet and the species inhabiting it.

Dr. Neeti became a part of WikiEducator family in October 2008. After that she became one of the most active WikiAmbassadors. She is working on several OER and other projects and has facilitated several OER workshops She sincerely believes in open education and has prepared e-contents for students and teaching community.

Featured WE: Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pandagale


Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pandagale is an Assistant Professor in Education in NCERT. He is presently posted at Regional Institute of Education (RIE) Bhopal which is a constituent unit of National Council of Educational Research and Training, New Delhi. Since last 7 years he is working at RIE, Bhopal in different capacities like, State Coordinator of Maharashtra and Goa, In-charge of Computer Resource Center, Co-incharge of Educational Technology Cell, Coordinator of Working With Community programme, House Adviser and Technical Person for EDUSAT programme.

He visited Kunming, China in 2007 to attend workshop on ICT sponsored by UNESCO Bangkok. In 2008, he attended II workshop on ICT at Brunei Darussalem.

Mr. Pandagale has graduated in Electronics and hold Masters' degree in English. Thereafter he has devoted his life to Education and is pursuing Ph.D. in this field. His areas of special interest are Educational Statistics, Educational Technology, Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Woman Studies and Educational Management. He also has co-facilitated two workshops on WikiEducator and is actively involved in several OER and other projects.

Featured WE:Dr.Indira Koneru

Dr. Indira Koneru is an eLearning Mangaer at IBS India. She administers Moodle and trains faculty on Moodle. Earleir she worked as a Senior Instructional Designer at Genpact, Hyderabad. She worked as Faculty Member in the Department of Library Science at ICFAI Academic Wing, Hyderabad and designed and developed Courseware for B.L.I.Sc. and M.L.I.Sc. programs offered through Distance Mode. She also developed Self-Learning Materials for Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University. A Certified Moodler co-facilitates Integrating Technology - Moodle for Teachers Workshops.

She holds a Doctoral Degree in Open Distance Education; M.Phil. in Library and Information Science; two Postgraduate Degrees, one in Library and Information Science and the other in Sociology. She is a Life-long Learner and participates in Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Training Programs and Professional Development Courses to update her knowledge and upgrade her skills. Her participation in Certificate Course in Moodle for Teachers, Certificate Course in Instructional Design, Certificate Course in E-learning Policies, Learning 4 Content online workshops equipped her with the skills required to contribute to open education movement and co-facilitate Moodle for Teachers Professional Development Workshops.

She is the seventh Indian to attain WikiArtisan Status. Information Literacy and Dewey Decimal Classification are her major contribution to WikiEducator. Technology-enabled learning and information services are her research interests.

Featured WE: Dr. Ramesh Sharma

Ramesh Sharma is a leading scholar in open, distance and online Learning in Asia. Dr. Sharma is serving IGNOU, India since 1996 as Regional Director. He steered the distance education activities of the University of Guyana, Guyana, South America from July 2009 to June 2011 as Director of the Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE). He had been a member of Advisory Group on Human Resources Development for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). While at IDCE he also collaborated with UNDP for its Enhanced Public Trust, Security and Inclusion (EPTSI) project, Volunteer Service Overseas (VSO) and United Nations Volunteer (UNV) to develop suitable educational opportunities for communities and youth. Dr. Sharma has been involved in the planning, design and development of teaching and learning materials for IGNOU; M P Bhoj Open University, Bhopal; Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University, Kota and Maharshi Dayanand University, India. He has been associated with several peer reviewed journals as Reviewer, Editor and Editorial Advisory Board member in the field of Open and Distance Learning. An author/editor of several books and research papers on educational technology, educational multimedia and eLearning, Dr. Sharma is a leading scholar and practitioner promoting Open Educational Resources (OER).