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iCentro is a success network for entrepreneurs and business professionals. We also provide consulting services in e-learning, collaboration, stakeholder engagement and Web 2.0, social media; and building sustainable communities, networks and alliances.

Supporting WikiEducator and OERs

We support the OER movement, both financially and with in-kind services, as we believe in access to free and open education resources. We are a signatory to the Cape Town Open Education Declaration.

We use our extensive facilitation, networking and partnering skills to develop relationships within and external to the OER community including Active State, Community College Consortium for Open Education Resources, Wikimedia Foundation, Monterey Institute for Technology and Education, OER Glue and others.



  • Design and development of an online professional development workshop “Performance Management", for 3,000 uOttawa employees. Surveyed stakeholder groups to increase engagement and buy-in.
  • Evaluation of CODL online course development, including ‘train-the-trainer’ and course evaluation.
  • Conducted a baseline review of appropriate learning technologies (including BlackBoard), training costs, planning and maintenance.
  • Conducted an operational review of the distance education functions and needs assessment of the Ontario Nurse Practitioner Program and Consortium (9 universities) Program. Activities included:
  • evaluating value for money of the distance eduation / online learning components of the program;
  • recommended $120K in net program savings
  • recommending optimal use of distance education technologies and content/learning management system to to achieve optimal teaching/learning outcomes; and,
  • recommending industry standards/best practices for the program’s distance education delivery components

Our services include


News and Events


OER Activities & Partnering

We have a strong track record of OER Partnering & Success

We have volunteered thousands of hours of unpaid time -- numerous introductions and connections, strategic, marketing, communications, outreach and advocacy support to WikiEducator / OER Foundation and Wayne Mackintosh This also includes:

  • coaching and supporting new and advanced users in all aspects of wiki skills, community-building, project development, etc. - to the point where my spousal partner coined the phrase "wiki-widow"
  • delivering presentations - including CCCOER Quarterly Meeting; @ONE in California; MITE; Otago Polytechnic, SCoPE, and others.

iCentro's OER Partnering Activities include:



  • Dell Computer - set-up/facilitated strategic partnership dialogue Dell Senior VP and OERF Director, Wayne Mackintosh
  • DimDim (now acquired by SalesForce) - set-up/facilitated strategic partnership (C-level) with DimDim and OERF
  • Fielding Graduate University
  • Randy Fisher's Thesis for MA, Organization Management and Development, Fielding Graduate University, California. Thesis was written 'on the wiki', and entirely 'in the wiki': Primal Needs Gone Digital: Educators' Motivations in an Open Wiki Environment, 2009. (Data from this thesis was used by Michigan State University to apply for Hewlett funding).
  • Global Intercultural Strategies - Coached leaders (Prof. Gary Fontaine and learner Howard Fox - and secured Team Handbooks on Culturally and Geographically Diverse Teams.
  • Global Fund for Women, California - arranged in-person meeting for Wayne Mackintosh at San Francisco airport with GFFW's Founder, Stanford Professor and noted philanthropist.
  • HP - set-up/facilitated strategic partnership dialogue with HP Executives (USA) and NZ country rep, and OERF Director, Wayne Mackintosh
  • iCentro Learning - tools and resources for applied learning
  • IBM - set-up/facilitated strategic partnership dialogue with Senior VP, with OERF Director, Wayne Mackintosh
  • Intersol Group - developed strategic relationship; and ensured donation of 3% Honesty Contribution to OERF, as a direct result of paid consulting services with Monterey Institute for Technology and Education.
  • Marketing Activities:
  • Co-developed White Papers with Wayne Mackintosh - Pilot Projects, WikiPublishing, Open Philanthropy, CollabOERate and others. Conceived CollabOERate name and R&D focus for WikiEducator / OER Foundation.
  • Conceived CollabOERate name, and many "OER" name derivatives (OERganization Development, dOER, SuppOERt, etc)
  • Developed WE's tagline displayed on main page - "OER is a sustainable and renewable resource"
  • Arranged for, and received donation of services for OER Foundation OERF logo development and branding from Ray Sharma, UK
  • Conducted project management and communications work on MITE node on WE, for communications and OER development
  • developed strategic relationship with MITE and OERF; set the stage for OER Director to be on MITE's international advisory board; and keynote speaker at MITE's National Repository of Online Courses (NROC) 2010 Annual Meeting, in Monterey, California
  • Minneapolis Public Schools Online - exploratory dialogue for use of WE as a development platform for OERs and professional faculty development
  • OER Glue - set-up/facilitated membership in OER Foundation
  • Open Doors Group - Wrote Chapter (12) for Culture and Project Management, in text for Project Management Skills for Scientists and Engineers, submitted to Saylor Foundation

P - Z


  • Developed OER node for Organization Development, and providing materials for proposal development
  • OER Journalism projects and node - to Thompson Rivers University. Also, numerous discussions with leaders in Journalism
  • Proposals / Funding Proposals - wrote proposals directly on WE - so that they could be used by others in our community
  • KRUU FM - Open Source Radio Pioneer, Volunteer Handbook, etc.