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Rosh Hashanah

In Rosh Hashanah at my Family We like to drink wine and eat a lot We don't do the kisdos, We just go straight to the part with the food, drink wine and laugh. It's the Jewish Head Of The Year, When The Year Starts

& What do you do In Rosh Hashanah?

We EAT! Apple In Honey So We will have a sweet year, We also eat Pomegranate So we will Have As Many Kids As It's Seeds, We Read The Blessing, Eat Dates For the same Reson Like The Apple In Honey, We Also Blow The Shofar And That's it

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur Is The Day For Forgiveness From God

What do you In Yom Kippur

We Fast And Go To the Synagogue, And don't Drive, So Every Body Who Doesn't Fast Or\And Goes to the Synagogue, Cycole On the Public Roads


The Week We Seat In The Sukkah,סוכה.jpg and Eat All Kind Of things, The Reson We do that Is To Remaber That When We came out Of Egypt, The God Made Us A Sukkah To Protect Us In The Desert


A letter of Application

Teva 30\6\2018

Dear Sir,

Subject: Work Application As A Chemist.

Education: A Bagruot at Biotecnology from Ort Guttman, A bachelor's degree int chemistry from the Technion, A master's degree in cChemistry From the Technion, and a doctorate in cChemistry from the Technion.

Letters Of recommendation from the Tecnion and Ort Guttman will be sent later.

Yours truly,

Yonatan R.

(Comment.gif: I like the letter, Yonatan. You're doing wonderful work on the wiki. )

--nelliemuller 14:46, 3 November 2008 (UTC)