Insurrection in the Warsaw Ghetto During the Holocaust

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Insurrection in Ghetto Warsaw

Topic: Insurrection in Ghetto Warsaw
Research Question:
Name: Giora Gabay
Teacher: Nellie Deutsch
School: Ort Gutman High School
Date: May 2009


The holocaust subject is a very hard and touching subject. 6 million Jews perished in the Second World War. Some of them found their death on the territory occupied by the Nazis, while others died in the concentration camps. However, some of them who managed to survive those terrible times. Thanks to them, we their grandchildren can learn a lot about the holocaust. My grandfather is one of the survivors Warsaw. He has told me a lot how people fought for survival. He himself had seen the Jewish tragedy with his own eyes, his father died there. So when I got the topic for my project I immediately decided to write about the rebellion in ghetto Warsaw because i knew some things about it and I wanted to learn more. The rebellion in Ghetto Warsaw began on the 19th of April 1943. The reason for the rebellion was impossible conditions. It was the largest Jewish rebellion. Jews showed their power, their hatred for Germans and love of live. When my grandfather told me about the rebellion I felt his pride in the whole Jewish nation. Jews did everything in order to survive in the ghetto, they worked hard, they starved from hunger still they supported the weakest and helped they stay alive. Nobody was sure that the rebellion was going to succeed. All of them knew that the enemy was treacherous and that not everybody would live to see the victory. Still, they thought that it was better to die in the war that to be humiliated by the enemy. Until that time, the Germans hadn't seen Jew fighting so desperately. They thought of Jews being weak cowards yet, the Jews in Ghetto Warsaw showed they weren’t afraid of death. Finally the Nazis destroyed the synagogue where a lot of Jews were hiding. There were a lot of victims in the rebellion, but the Jews showed the Nazis that they are strong and that nobody wants to be humiliated.

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