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Outputs and Outcomes

Key Questions:

  • How do you sustain what happens after a 2-day workshop?
  • How do we use the face-to-face event to drive forward the process?

The following points are suggestions, intended to foster discussion about specific outputs by offering examples of what we can do based on COL's recent experience.

Workshop Outputs

  1. Agreed framework for community-based learning programmes on HIV/AIDS treatment literacy, including a set of success factors
  2. Set of messages concerning HIV/AIDS treatment literacy
  3. Identified resources and related processes to support HIV/AIDS treatment literacy programme development
  4. Documented examples (summaries) of good practice in community-based learning programmes on HIV/AIDS, especially treatment literacy
  5. Action plans for LearnShare in specific regions and countries as well as specific communities (where possible)

Workshop Outcomes

  1. New awareness and skills concerning development of community-based learning programmes
  2. New awareness concerning strategies to fight HIV/AIDS
  3. Agreed plan for increasing the number and quality of community-based learning programmes about HIV/AIDS using community media