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AMARC Leadership

  • AMARC leadership (Ivory Coast) - in partnering with COL, IAS and EcoNews for this important initiative in the Ivory Coast
    • Bridging / Networking - groundbreaking initiative to bring two(2) communities together, without a history of sharing and involvement.
    • workshop is an activity within a process (i.e., workshop is a tangible reference point for pre-workshop, and post-workshop activities)

IAS Participation & Contribution

  • Leads up to AIDS 2010 conference in Vienna (International AIDS Society)

COL - Advocacy for Effective Learning Programmes)

  • Wiki is a repository for open education resources, materials, good practices
  • Collaboration happens in many forms, and at many levels - online and offline
  • Leads up to Pan-Commonwealth Forum (PCF-6), in Cochin, Kerala, India, 2010
  • Designing Effective Learning Programs (DELP) is a skill and outcome
  • Tangible outputs on wiki
    • number of organizations
    • size of community of practice
    • numbers of materials
    • number of learning programs, plans, etc.
  • Traditional ODL vs. Modern ODL - distinctions
    • Traditional ODL - full courses, units
    • Modern ODL - learning activities, modules (i.e., developing learning activities around a specific piece of content)


  • Roles - different people have different and valuable perspectives

Criteria for Attendees - Workshop Participation

The criteria we have discussed are community radio stations that are

  • Broadcasting in geographic areas where AIDS is a issue and HIV infection rates are high
  • Committed to health programming; open to new approaches to “educational” programming; willing to start new or improve existing health-HIV/AIDS programmes through the LearnShare process
  • Open to collaborative approaches, especially working with AIDS counterparts, in developing and running learning programmes
  • Willing to participate in an ongoing process of programme development about HIV/AIDS: online, in person and through other forms of networking and exchange (phone, email, content sharing, etc.)
  • Willing to participate in the Ivory Coast workshop and conference
  • Track record for follow-through