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Introduction to HIV/AIDS

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Colette Blockley

Welcome to the Otago Polytechnic course - Care of People with HIV/AIDS: A course for Registered Nurses. Your lecturer, Colette Blockley has a welcome message for you. Please look at the updated timetable for the course, and listen to Colette speaking about how the course is structured. It will be useful if you also read the course outline before you listen to Colette's explanation about the course.

There is also a recording of Colette speaking about the assessments in the course.

Overview and objectives

Participants will be introduced to the course and each other, and will have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of HIV/AIDS and the issues for people living with the virus and those who care for them. Myth busting and current statistics will be presented. Regular online class meetings will be offered on a web-conferencing facility called Elluminate.

Please view the presentation - An Introduction to HIV/AIDS. Audio will be added following the web conference session, but you may wish to view the presentation before the real-time session. Check out the most up-to-date statistics and information from the AIDS Epidemiology Group.

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