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A place for us to discuss a federated global learning network IT infrastructure. This discussion started on the OERu Google Group that can be found here: Stay tuned...

New Terms of reference for terena's tf-media. Trans European Research and Education Networks Association's task force on Applied Media in Teaching and Learning. [1]

Allied with this terena taskforce are three others.
One is REFED = Research and Education Federations.
Two is Eduroam = The first global service for members of participating institutions.
Three is (if i can ever get them thinking like non Europeans ) tf-cpr = Communications & public relations.


Federated Identity and Services.

Federated Identity management explained.

Global Map.

National/Continental Federations.

Lists of Identity, and Service, Providers (Institutions) by National, Regional and Continental Federation.

AAF (Australasia)
WAYF. (Scandinavian)
InCommon. (Nth America)
CAF. (Canadian)
CARSI (China)
CAFE (Brasil)

Most progressive NREN & services (in my opinion).
Example in Practice.


Interfederation Explained.