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News & Resources


  • Dialogue with Seth Bokpe, Ghana to learn wiki-journalism skills. He's interested in creating a WikiClub, in Accra, Ghana (at the Ghana Institute of Journalism).

(Canada contact Randy Fisher)

  • Discuss with Victor, to see if there is a posibility of holding a face-to-face workshop in Accra or Cape Coast between 15th and 22nd of March 2008 or between 12th and 17th June 2008
  • Developer Roadshows - for historical interest, though the idea may be revived by anyone who is keen. Aim: develop learning resources on how and when to convene such events, and produce useful resources for education and localisation. One of the tracks did some localisation on eXe.


Contact / People


You can also be an Ambassador. Learn more about your responsibilities and How-to here