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The Global Alliance for Self Management Support is an international online virtual community with the goal of promoting self management support and patient empowerment worldwide through massive collaboration using the new ICT. The GASMS was presented in 2008 at the IV World Health Congress Europe, in Berlin, March 2008,(watch video here) and at the IInd Chronic Care Congress, Alexandria, US, June 2008. (see ppt). The GASMS was named as VIP partner for World Congress

In brief, GASMS is run by Dr Manuel Serrano, President of the Education, Health and Society Foundation in Spain and counts with an outstanding team of experts on the field from more than 30 countries

Nellie Deutsch (in Toronto, Canada) and Gladys Gahona (in Cancun, Mexico) moderated a live online session on WiZiQ while Dr. Serrano (From Spain) presented at a face-to-face conference in Florida on July 17, 2009.

The language starts off with Spanish and then goes on to English. Please be patient or move the recording forward.

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