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New case studies are welcome :-)


The aim of this collection of pages is to build community and share knowledge around free software case study development. Under the tabs above you will find:

  • Broad Objectives.
  • People interested and how they would like to and are contributing.
  • To Do items: their status and done items.
  • Resources: existing case studies and guides for developing good case studies.
  • Case Studies: a list of existing and candidate case studies for development.
  • Blog: of activities.
  • FAQ: ask and answer questions here.

If you know of any case studies which may be of interest, or if you are working on any, please link to them on the Case Studies page.

WikiEducator will benefit enormously if you share your learning on FLOSS case study development under Resources.


The "Free Software Case Studies" project on WikiEducator is inspired by the work being done by the Free Knowledge Institute's Free Technology Academy on Free Software Case Studies. During the process FKI/FTA will share generic learning here (at least in the early stages). Comments and contributions are welcome. In September 2010 a snapshot of three case studies developed in tandem with this process will be finalised and released on the FTA site.

Keywords: free software, open source, case study, libre software.