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"WikiEducator is a place where I become we"

I would like to see e-learning available and free worldwide]]. My name is Nellie (Muller) Deutsch. I joined Wikieducator around February, 2008 because the idea of sharing freely appealed to me. I registered for a Learning4Content workshop scheduled for March 2008. However, I found WikiEducator so user friendly that I started contributing before the course began. I then began to develop my user page on February 23, 2008 (my youngest daughter's birthday).

Since then, I have been involved in the forum discussions via google groups on how to improve communications on WikiEducator, to promote WikiEducator on other social networks I belong to like facebook, ning blogs, wikispaces, wetpaint, pb wiki, learnhub, and wiziq, and pursue my goal on how to make e-learning free worldwide. My interest in sharing and developing free e-learning, inspired me to create a Moodle learning environment called Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) and use WiZiQ as tool to invite experts to present live online sessions. As a Learning4Content graduate, I started courses on how to make the most of WikiEducator both face-to-face for high school students and on I facilitated over 10 L4C online workshops on WikiEducator. I also developed the courses and innovated they look today. In addition, I have applied to moderate online courses for new members on how to use WikiEducator via Moodle. I also volunteered my services as Chief Electoral Officer for the First Wikieducator Council Elections and until recently was a nominated member of the Council and secretary. I resigned due to personal family commitments.

Next year, I plan to change strategies and involve teachers and students in collaborating on an international literature-sharing project on WikiEducator in addition to Moodle for Teachers Moodle website.

My formal educational background is varied but my informal studies are even more so. I have a BA in English literature and linguistics, an MAED/CT in education specializing in curriculum and technology, and a Doctor of Education in educational leadership specializing in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix (blended learning format). I have been teaching English as a foreign language for over 40 years and integrating technology into the ESL/EFL classroom since the 1990s. I have been involved in international collaborative projects and WebQuests via Moodle since 2003. My first website, Nellie's English Projects was an experiment that evolved from a WebQuest and started me off as a webmistress in the days of html before web 2.0 tools. I facilitate online (Blended and full) and face-to-face workshops on how to use Wikieducator as a collaborative tool to improve instruction and learning and conduct online workshops and conferences. I also moderate live online workshops for Electronic Village Online which is a project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section, storytelling and cultures, and integration of technology and web 2.0 tools into the classroom on WiZiQ.

I am passionate about learning and have recently completed my doctoral studies in educational leadership specializing in curriculum,and instruction online at the University of Phoenix. I researched blended learning] and instructor experiences with technology in blended learning in higher education. In my spare time, I mentor educators on how to [http:s//www.integrating-technology.org integrate technology] via Moodle for Teachers (M4T), WebQuests, Online Facilitation via Blended Learning (BL) and Blended Online Learning (BOL), and Professional Electronic Portfolios (PEP) for instruction and learning. I would like to see e-learning available and free worldwide.

Here's a video I created for a Learning for Content (L4C) workshop: