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What better way to pay back than devoting my entire life to WikiEducator activities!

"I consider my coming to WikiEducator as one of the great things that have come my way..."

My Name is Vincent Kizza , a science educator from Uganda, East Africa. Just before the E-learning Africa 2007 conference in Accra, Ghana, I authored an article in their online magazine entitled Towards a different ICT pedagogy for Africa, that elicited considerable reaction. Among them, was Günther, a renowned WikiEducator practitioner and science teacher based in Germany who invited me to WikiEducator.

I have never looked back since then. The idea of participating in authoring open education resources appealed to me greatly and I still see it as a very crucial step in developing not only my country but also the whole of Africa at large. The work already in place was so inspiring that one could not fail to perceive the selfless and countless man hours invested in developing them.

Today, I coordinate the activities on the Ugandan node and I am passionately involved in a project with Ugandan and German educators to create and develop an OER project supporting innovative physics teaching in Uganda among others. I have convened and facilitated three Learning4Content workshops in Uganda. WikiEducator is also a forum for me to keep in touch with latest e-learning technologies as I keenly follow discussions on the different threads, not to mention personal development through the marvellously crafted resources such as Phil Bartle’s community development course. I now use these materials to empower my own community where I live. I find Phil's materials, handy, practical and down to earth. I could never have imagined becoming a "community organizer" without paying through the nose... and I have discovered the marvels of community governance being elected to WikiEducator Community Council. Bravo WikiEducator!

What better way to pay back than devoting my entire life to WikiEducator activities!

Cheers. --Vkizza 09:09, 13 June 2009 (UTC)