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FLOSS4Edu was represented in the Third African Conference on Free and Open Source Software and the Digital Commons IDLELO3) which took place in Dakar, Senegal from March, 16th to 20th,2008. FLOSS4Edu made a formal presentation at the plenary session on the third day.The presentation is found here.

IDLELO 3 report

WikiEducator and its FLOSS4Edu Initiative was represented by three delagates from Cameroon, Ghana and Kenya respectively. During the plenary meeting FLOSS4Edu show cased the content developed and the philosophy behind FLOSS4Edu. There was alot of interest to participate in FLOSS4Edu. A google group was established inviting participants in the IDLELO3 Conference to an Online WikiEducator Content Development workshop to be held as from the 31st of March,2008. See the google groups website. You can also subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email to

This IDLELO3 conference was not well organised and was marred by disorganisation,delays and impromptu program changes that confused participants. Inspite of all these, a short workshop was conducted in French focussing on how to use Wiki to create OER.

We received alot of interest from Microsoft, InWent and UNESCO. UNESCO agreed to support the FLOSS4Edu Initiative through:

  • Publicity on its ICT for Education portal (Edusud)
  • Pursue to endorse FLOSS4Edu fund raising proposals
  • Support FLOSS4Edu representatives in attending regional and international conferences on ICT in Education to show-case FLOSS4Edu

Since FLOSS4Edu co-ordinators were in this meeting, we took this opportunity to think of the structure of the FLOSS4Edu Initiative. We also discussed on action items to be pursued as part of achieving the overall FLOSS4Edu project objectives. See a report of these deliberations here.

Some Pictures

A section of Dakar City from the Skies
Dakar Airport
Participants attending FLOSS4Edu plenary
Participants attending FLOSS4Edu plenary