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The ExplOERer project (pronounced ‘explorer’) is a European Commission co-funded project, under the Erasmus+ [1] programme. The project duration is from September 2014 to August 2016.

ExplOERer promotes OER sustainability through OER adoption and embeddedness in professional practice. The consortium will identify, document and assess obstacles and opportunities, and analyse current practice in the use of OER, including the sustainability aspect. This will be achieved by capitalising on opportunities in cross-boundary contexts in which OER are part of innovation, and by developing education practitioners’ digital and pedagogical skills regarding OER reuse and repurposing. Several types of learning contexts are addressed, including adult education, higher education and the workplace.

The project adopts a cross-sectoral approach by involving six European partners: three Higher Education Institutions, a Ministry of Education supporting a large OER repository, a private company specialising in OER and social networking/gaming, and a non-profit organisation leading the field in open licensing and open education.

The results of the project will be produced in partner languages (EN, GR, NL, PL and SE) and widely disseminated through regional, national, European and international channels.