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Explore the Equation grapher simulation (below) for several minutes:
  • The axes of the graph are indicated by black lines and labels x and y.
  • The black "tick" marks represent a magnitude of 1 from the origin (0,0).
  • The polynomial function f(x)=ax2+bx+c is represented by the red line.
  • Try clicking around
  • Try dragging objects
  • Try sliding sliders

When you have finished exploring try the multichoice question. Once you have completed the multichoice question try one of the main activities.


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Even Functions

While you were exploring you may have noticed that the function curves when you give the coefficient a a value different from zero. Which values for the polynomial coefficients best describe a function f(x) that has outputs of
  • f(0) = 1
  • f(-1) = 0
  • f(1) = 0

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