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This educational module was designed for healthcare providers and is especially directed to the inpatient environment of an acute care hospital, though can be adapted for use in a clinic or outpatient setting. It has been designed for the staff caring for a Hispanic limited English proficiency (LEP) patient. There is background information, educational information, a suggested language assessment tool and a list of web based resources which will be helpful for caregivers looking for language assistance in caring for these patients.

The Marketing Plan Includes:

  1. Develop a brochure or flyer to distribute with information for how to access and use the wiki
  2. Preview the wiki to the manager of Social Work Services and Casemanagement @ SRMH
  3. Preview the wiki to casemanager of the SRMH Emergency Department and attend a staff meeting
  4. Arrange appointment with director of SRMH Community Benefit department/manager for interpreters to discuss the wiki and educational possibilities.
  5. Contact the Southwest Community Clinic to make appointment and provide brochure regarding the wiki education available
  6. Provide copies of brochure to all local community health clinics especially the Alliance Clinic in Healdsburg