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Education for Peace

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Peaceful Education Worldwide

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Developing Curricula

You are invited to contribute to the development of curricula and instructional design on how to educate for world peace.

Lesson Plans

Lessons plans for world peace. Please add a lesson plan for world peace here.

iPeace Day Be part of iPeace Day.

Peace Education

Feel free to add your input. --Nellie Deutsch 07:26, 9 January 2009 (UTC)


Eduation4Peace Websites

Education4Peace Online Courses

Peace Rally 2008


Peace Rally 2008 Wikispaces

This is the wikispaces for contributers, participants, and all supporters of the Global Peace Rally 2008 event to be held later in January 2009, literally in Kuwait and virtually all over the world!

If you are a peace loving individual, group, community, or network, please consider joining us so that TOGETHER we can make a positive change and difference everywhere in our globe.

Other sites for you to have an idea about the event are Sue Thompson's personal site.


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It may be interesting if you schedule an Education4Peace WizIq session once a month..


Maybe we should analyze why people make war. What are the main causes:

  • religion?
  • territory?
  • power?
  • personal satisfaction?
  • hunger?

Conflict management is a powerful way to deal with many of the issues stated above.