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eLearning Training for Teachers is a project node for the collaborative development of "just-in-time" tutorials to help educators implement eLearning successfully.

If you're interested in joining this project, please add your name to the participants list.

Motivations for this project

  • Many professional development units are understaffed and under-resourced to singularly develop a comprehensive set of "just-in-time" training materials to support teachers, faculty and academics in getting started with eLearning - The collaborative developing of free content tutorials can make a difference
  • Each institution is unique and therefore should have the rights to adapt and modify the resources for local contexts - WikiEducator uses a free content license that encourages users to adapt and modify materials

Thoughts about pedagogical approach

  1. Well founded pedagogy must be the point of departure for each tutorial
  2. Best practice examples should accompany each tutorial
  3. Where possible, best practice examples should include a reflection by the teacher, a learner or instructional designer
  4. A simple howto resource should be provided in conjunction with each tutorial showing how to set up the relevant teaching activity in the relevant technology. For example howto set up a debate format discussion activity using a Moodle forum.

Potential structure and list of tutorials

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  • more to come ....

To do list

  1. Complete the draft of the ELearning T4T page (this page)
  2. Invite members from the professional eLearning community to assist with the project
  3. Conduct a web search and listing of the existing resources available under a compatible free content license that can be adapted and modified for the ELearing T4T project
  4. Review the Professional development in eLearning course - funded by the Tertiary Education Commission of New Zealand and discuss with the copyright holders whether they would be prepared to release a version of the resources under a CC-BY-SA license for use in this project on WikiEducator
  5. Contact various open source LMS communities to find out if they're interested in working on the specific howto's for their relevant technology that could link from each tutorial. For example, the tutorial on discussion forums could have a specfic howto for Moodle, Sakai, Ilias etc.

Language learning tutorials Learning a second language has been a difficult exercise for many in underdeveloped economies we have to find free resources for this

Resources and ideas

Participants List