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CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Details. Surname: Mutua Gender: Male First Names: David Nzainga Nationality: Kenyan Citizen Date of Birth: 12th Oct’ 1974 Marital Status Single Contacts. Charity for African Welfare and Development (CAWD) U.K. Charity Reg. #: 1104228 Phone: +254 720 462 559 E-mail: or Website:

Objective.	To dedicate my live to explore and exploit new opportunities and ideas towards personal and human progress for a better world.

Education and Qualifications.


1997 -98


1989-92 Barkatullar Vishwavidyalaya, (Bhopal University) Bhopal India.

Datapro InfoWorld Computer Education Division, Bhopal India.

Breldan Computer College, Nairobi Kenya

Kawethei Secondary School. Machakos Kenya B.Com, Business Management and Accounting

Diploma in Computer Education

  • Micro-Soft office
  • Database management
  • Financial Accounting

Certificates in Computer Education

  • Software Development Tools/Programming Languages (Visual FoxPro).
  • HTML (Web Design) and
  • Windows NT (Networking).

Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Other Trainings Year Organization Course/Training 2005-06







2005 Fantsuam Foundation - Nigeria

Ford Foundation- Nigeria

Healthlink Worldwide- UK

Voluntary Services Overseas

Kabissa- Space for change in Africa.

APC/Fantsuam Foundation- Nigeria

Explan Computers- UK

  • Capacity Building for Organizational management, organizational governance, Strategic Planning, Managing Finances, Project Management, Office Administration, Managing people, Publicity and Fundraising.

Business Plan development: - Executive summary, Organization/Management structure, Operations planning, Market analysis and strategies, Product and Services and the Budget.

Community Resource centre set up and management and Information needs assessment

Facilitating Community participation and development, Participatory Learning Approaches (PLA) Techniques, Proposal writing and Fundraising, Behaviour coping techniques, Conflict management techniques, HIV/AIDS, gender and reproductive health, Global Education and Advocacy

Organizations steps to succeed on the internet, the power of internet, accessing information and opportunities, Interacting, establishing web presence and Advocating online

Training cycle Approaches and Facilitation

Research and development methodologies.

Solo Computer assembly – Solo is ultra – low powered computer that takes 8.5w of power, including the LCD screen, as compared to 300w-500w of mains electricity required by many modern Pentium-powered systems Skills acquired • Communication and writing skills

  • Photography and Video recording, capture, edit and developing simple movies
  • Do It Yourself Solar electric systems assembly
  • Construction of solar cookers and solar cooking advocacy
  • Beekeeping, honey and wax processing, quality control and marketing bee products.
  • Fish farming
  • Volunteer recruitment, selection and management skills
  • Facilitation and Training skills
  • Driving and motor cycle riding
  • Developing networks and collaboration skills
  • Volunteering and volunteerism

Professional Experience August 2006 – To- date

June 2004 – July 2006

June 2002 –June 2004

Jan 2001 – June 2002




Charity for Africa Welfare and Development U.K. Charity Reg. #: 1104228 Tel: - +254 720 462 559 E-mail; - or Website; -

Position: - CAWD Regional Coordinator (Volunteer)

Duties and responsibilities: Replicating CAWD work in Kenya CAWD is a 21st century charity, rooted in rural Nigeria, the UK and now in Kenya, having worked as the CAWD National Coordinator in Nigeria I have volunteered to replicate CAWD work in Kenya through the projects below: -

1. Initiating Community Learning, Information and Communication Center project. This is my initiative that involves: -  Resources research and mobilization, developing funding strategies and facilitating networks and collaborations with other development actors to replicate CAWD projects.  Establishing Community Learning, Information and Communication structure or environment equipped with modern basic ICT infrastructure in rural Kenya.  Exploiting modern ICT’s and linkages that will enable access to timely and relevant information, formal and informal learning opportunities for career development and skill acquisition that competes globally. I have been able to fundraise and initiate the first Community ICT Center project in a rural remote community in Kenya.

2. Implementing VSO’s Global Education and Advocacy Programme I am currently undertaking this Programme facilitated by VSO Kenya, it is focused at developing strong partnerships with local, regional and international organizations to create a global awareness and understanding of global issues affecting people’s daily lives.

3. National Volunteering feasibility study for VSO Kenya. “Focus for change” the VSO Global strategy paper, commits VSO to support national volunteering, in which VSO Kenya contracted me to undertake a National or Local Volunteering research within VSO partner organizations and others involved in HIV &AIDS work through out Kenya.

4. Teacher Talking - A Computer Literacy Training for Rural Teachers - A Proven Practical Approach This Programme introduces computer education to rural teachers, students and communities and online ICT4 Education discussions through a developed online discussion groups. I have just won a funding bid from Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Canada to replicate this project in a rural community in Kenya facilitated through the ICT center that I helped to establish.

Fantsuam Foundation (FF) C/O Dr. John Dada – No. 1 Fantsuam Close, Bayan Loco P.O Box 58, Kafanchan Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Position: - Project Manager


Charity for African Welfare and Development C/O Pamela McLean –

Position: - CAWD National Coordinator

(Coordinating and building CAWD Networks in Nigeria)

Duties and responsibilities. My work involved resources research and mobilization, developing fundraising strategies, proposal writing and facilitation of networks and collaborations with government agencies, development agencies/ civil society, the corporate organizations, communities and individuals and managing the following projects: -

1. Establishing Community Learning, Information and Communication Centers- These are the link between the information poor communities and the connected community with basic Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure and capacity that contributes to community’s learning through links to internet and other information resources to enable self – help initiatives. They are the vocal point for Health, Education, Agriculture and HIV/AIDS, gender and reproductive health information and facilitated project.

2. Teachers Talking: - A Computer Literacy Training for Teachers - A Proven Practical Approach This Programme introduces computer education to rural teachers, students and communities and online ICT4 Education discussions through a developed online discussion groups.

3. Volunteering Consultancy – I have gained skills and experience in volunteering, volunteer recruitment, management and advocacy. I have had experience of developing volunteer policies for organizations and was actively involved in the development of the Nigerian National Volunteering Programme (Greater Involvement in Volunteering Effort – GIVE) facilitated by VSO Nigeria.

4. A Ray of Hope UNSECO schools art competition Programme. This is a CAWD facilitated project in Nigerian schools, the theme of the art competition is to develop art work that depicts "A Culture of Peace" the art work is shared through the Ray of Hope and UNESCO website

5. Reaching Out To The Rural Child – ICT4Rural Child – The program is called “SEEING THE WORLD THROUGH THE EYES OF THE RURAL CHILD” involves youth boot camp for ICT skills acquisition

6. Solar cooker and Mini Solar project, the project is aimed at creating awareness about the use of sun light for domestic cooking and developing Do It Yourself Solar electric systems, an opportunity for rural youths and communities to start their own businesses or get employed in SME’s.

7. Video production –training youths how to use digital video and still camera to record, capture, edit and develop simple videos, an opportunity to earn self-sustaining skills.

8. Research and Development. Gender Research in Africa on ICT’s for Empowerment (GRACE) sponsored by Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and Rural Telephoning by Mobile Telephone Network, Nigeria both projects are aimed at researching on how access and use of mobile phones responds to women needs in rural Africa.

Voluntary Service Overseas / Oke-Ogun Community Development Network (OCDN) C/O Chief Gbade Adejumo – P.O Box 4117 University of Ibadan Post Office Ibadan, Nigeria

Position: - Project Manager/ VSO Volunteer

Duties and responsibilities. • Carrying out community needs and Information needs assessment. • Mobilizing and sensitizing communities towards projects identification, involvement and participation. • Setting up Community Digital Information Center’s (CDIC’s), one in each of the ten Local Government Area’s in Oke-Ogun, Oyo State Southwest Nigeria. Please see • Proposal writing, developing fundraising strategies and resource research and mobilization for community development projects, such as the CDIC’s, HIV/AIDS awareness activities, rural community water and sanitation Programmes and Community libraries. • I worked as the VSO HIV/AIDS and gender mainstreaming regional representative of the southwestern Nigeria, my responsibilities were to organize and coordinate regional HIV/AIDS, gender and reproductive health training workshops and awareness Programmes and act as a VSO link with the HIV/AIDS stakeholders in the region. • Facilitating OCDN networking and collaboration with the Government, CBO’s, NGO’s and other development agencies like International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and Commonwealth of Learning (COL). • Participating in monitoring and evaluation of various development projects and group activities. • Preparation of quarterly and annual budgets.

Wedakin Honey C/O Kithuma Nzainga P.O Box 60424 00200, Nairobi Kenya. Position: - Operations Manager. Duties and responsibilities. • Directing and supervising staff. • Planning staff work load to ensure optimum production. • Setting up training centers for beekeepers training programs on modern beekeeping technology, safe methods of handling honey while harvesting and processing to ensure high quality pure honey. • Developing marketing strategies for bee products especially honey and bee wax • Participation in community mobilization and group promotion of activities in beekeeping areas as a member of Beekeepers Association of Kenya. • Keeping and maintaining records of accounting books and statement of affairs. • Fundraising and proposal writing.

English, Swahili and Kikamba. (Have learned some Hindi, Hausa and Yoruba).

Reading, Traveling, Music, exploring new ICT’s, Learning new culture and Languages.

1. John Dada PhD, MPH, RN, PGE The Executive Director Fantsuam Foundation No. 1 Fantsuam Close Bayan Loco P.O Box 58, Kafanchan Kaduna State Nigeria Mobile +234 802 782 0332 E-mail: Website: