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Employer:Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar (Gujarat)
Occupation:Lecturer in English
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About Me

Dilip Barad in Language Lab
Dr.Dilip Barad's Classroom

Dr. Dilip P. Barad holds Ph.D. degree from Saurashtra University and M.A. from Bhavnagar University where he teaches in the Department of English as a senior lecturer.He has recently (in Dec 2008) cleared GSET (Gujarat State Eligibility Test) for the eligibility for lecturership. He has vast experience of teaching communication skills to the students of Business Management and Commerce. He taught Business Correspondence and Communication Skills at NRV Institute of Business Management and JJCET Commerce College (Saurashtra University), Junagadh (Gujarat) for 10 years. He has presented research papers in several international and national seminars/conferences and has also published research papers in journals and magazines. He has done his Ph.D. research on Thomas Hardy and his areas of interest are CALL, Literary Criticism, use of ICT in TELL, Business Correspondence, Communication Skills, English Language and Literature. He has successfully completed C.I.C.(Certificate in Computing) from IGNOU, so he has first hand experience of distance education and have good exposure to SLM and OERs. He has applied for counselling for English course under Ambedkar Open University. and IGNOU courses for B.A., M.A. and other English Language Courses. Being co-ordinator of fully computerized, LAN based language lab (which runs under Ambedkar Open University.), he has good experience of working for Open universities and he is associated with text book & material production for the same courses.

Reviewer of Online Journal

Recently he is appointed as paper reviewer for GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies. GEMA Online Journal of Language Studies is published by the School of Language Studies and Linguistics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The aim of this journal is to open up a venue for language researchers and practitioners in the areas specified below to share their theories, views, research results and classroom practices. The papers in the journal are published electronically on an on-going basis periodically. At the end of every two years, selected papers will be published in a hard copy book form. In view of that, GEMA reserves the copyright of all papers published in its journal. GEMA is an internationally refereed scholarly online journal. It is listed in DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), the Linguist List, and in the Malaysian Abstracting and Indexing System (MyAIS) at the understated addressees respectively.

Experience of online conference

1. He has participated in REAP International Online Conference on Assessment Design for Learner Responsibility during May 29-31 2007.

2. He has participated in National Online Training on Self-Learning Material Development Workshop organised by STRIDE, IGNOU, New Delhi, India during 4-Aug-2008 to 26-Sept-2008).

Moderator of following e-groups

1. SUETA - Saurashtra University English Teachers Association. To join this e-grop, send email to sueta-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.in. To post message to the group, send email to sueta@yahoogroups.co.in.

2. Knowledge Management Programme for Faculty, The Dept. of Higher Education, Gujarat State, Gujarat - INDIA.

3. Department of English, Bhavnagar University.

3. Digital English Language Lab.

4. KSV M.Phil.

5. Commerce and BBA College.

Recent Seminar /Conference / Workshop

Dilip Barad at AsiaCALL 2009 International Conference
Dilip Barad conducting workshop in National Conference on Technology in ELT - NCTELT 2009
Dilip Barad presenting paper on Wikieducator in National Conference on Technology in ELT - NCTELT 2009

1. AsiaCALL 2008, Thailand: Presented a paper on "Experimenting ICT in Teaching English Language and Literature" . Date: 21 - 23 Nov. 2008. The paper can be read at www.dilipbarad.com. The presentation of this paper can be viewed at Experimenting ICT in TELL

2. AsiaCALL 2008, Thailand: Conducted workshop as co-resource person with Dr. Kalyan Chattopadhyay on Enhancing Listening and Speaking Skills Using Advanced Sound Editing Software.

3. Conducted workshop on Audacity and ELT at National Conference on Technology in ELT. Jan 2009.

4. Presented paper on WikiEducator at National Conference on Technology in ELT. Jan 2009.

5. Participated as a DEBATOR in National Seminar on 'Modern Theories and -isms in Literary Criticism' at Jetpur College in Gujarat. March 2009.

Ongoing Research Projects

1. [ICT and Educational Community: Integrating ICT into Teaching and Learning process to Empower and develop proficiency of Teachers and Students]

Recent Publication

Articles in Magazines and Journals

1."Identifying Best Teacher: A Process with an Empirical Approach" has been published in University News (Vol. 46, No. 35, Sept. 01-07, 2008. Page 18)

2. Book Review:"Dalit Literature: A Critical Exploration Published in Contemporary Vibes (English Quarterly). Vo 4; Issue 13. OCt-Dec 2008. Chandigarh - INDIA.

3. The Concept & Practices of Assessment in Higher Education of the Present State & Implementing the Practice of Quality. Published by Christ College, Rajkot - INDIA.


Click on slide to see the cover page of the books recently published.


Online Training on Self Learning Material Development

  • Click here to View Certificate, which is awarded as the participant have successfully participated and prepared SLM on Literary_Criticism in this workshop.
  • CLick the below given link to read his SLM.

Read SLM on Aristotle's Poetics

Dilip Barad's Contact Numbers

9427733691; 9898272313

View Presentations

Click Dilip's Presentations to view more presentations.

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1. WikiEducator - Sharing OER

2. Audacity and Listening Skills

3. Dictionary Skills

4. Academic Writing Skills - 1

5. Academic Writing Skills - 2

6. Experimenting ICT in TELL

Join ONLINE COURSES run by Dr.Dilip Barad

1. Click to join the course on Literary Criticism. Read the unit and then go to TELL and enroll for this course.

2. Click to join the course on NET / GCET paper 1 and 2. Click NET/GSET to join this course.


1. Definitions of Distance Learning / Distance Education

2. WikiEducator - Platform for e-Learning Resources

3. Spellings - To Spell or Not to Spell Correctly?

4. Articles on [Sir Philip Sidney's Defence of Poetry], [M.Arnold's Study of Poetry], [Northrop Frye's Archetypal Criticism], [I.A.Richards's Figurative Language], [Cleanth Brooks's Language of Paradox], [Gerard Genette's Structuralism and Literary Criticism], [Dryden's Essay of Dramatic Poesy], [Wordsworth's Preface to Lyrical Ballads], [Coleridge's Biographia Literaria], [T.S.Eliot's Tradition and Individual Talent], [Elaine Showalter's Towards Feminist Poetics], and [Derrida's Structure, Sign and Play]

View My Pictures

Photographs of AsiaCALL 2008 COnference at Thailand

More albums at Picasa web

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Notes from my Wikineighbours

(Comment.gif: I enjoyed reading your profile. Perhaps we can collaborate... )

--nelliemuller 14:01, 1 November 2008 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Fascinating profile.Keep it up.) --Kalyan Chattopadhyay 13 April 2009

(Comment.gif: Well done.-Dr. Vikas Raval)

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