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The aim of this area is to facilitate and catalyse knowledge sharing among FLOSS developers and educators along the lines of some work done a few years back in the Developer Roadshows in Africa. The theme of the roadshows was "Education and Localisation".

If a community forms here on WikiEducator and comes up with something worthwhile, consider proposing an event to various funders to bring the developer and relevant user communities together.

A first step could be to record some of the history here (done :-), including how to convene such events (done :-), and then build community and learning resources for educators and developers. Then propose, source funding and convene local events.

The developer roadshows concept needs revival - champions in a position to take up the challenge and pro-actively network developers and users with real needs in Africa, to establish projects to fulfill the mission of making available software that is appropriate, affordable, adaptable, relevant and valuable to African communities. It is hoped that this WikiEducator resource on Developer Roadshows will inform and inspire collaborative action.